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Aventuras de tubing em caverna e zipline
(PLEASE: ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN GOOD/EXCELLENT SHAPE FOR THIS EXCURSION AND NOT AFRAID OF HEIGHTS OR BEING DEEP WATERS) Max weight 230. In this Adventure you will visit the Tanama river in the Arecibo area. It starts with a hike down a muddy, slippery and rocky trail to the river(1.5 miles of hard hiking). We will arrive to the top of a cave and do a 250 ft long zipline that will take your breath away with the view. Here is where most participants rest a while for the next activity. When we are all set we will hike upstream to a huge cave and then jumped into the refreshing water. We will enter the caves and we will see some amazing water curtains and springs. At the exit of the second cave we do a small stop and you will have the option of submerging into the water to visit a secret cave. Tour isn’t over yet. Now the guides will show you the best tricks to do the white water tubing. While you are in the white water tubing you will pass some rapids and also some amazing canons all the way until you get to the third and last cave. At the exit of this cave you will do a small climb and the hike back to the cars. Duration 4-6 hours. Other things to note Don't let the beautiful sights fool you. This adventure is for real adventure and nature lover only. Please do NOT daydream. If you are not sure that you don't qualify you probably don't.
Caminhada em Guavate, cachoeiras e floresta tropical com traslado
No visit to PR is complete without experiencing its gorgeous green mountains, lush trails, and natural river pools; specially, feasting on mouth-watering roasted pork at the roadside eateries of the celebrated Guavate Pork Route, acclaimed by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman. You’ve been to El Yunque, want to know a more genuine side of our Island, be the only small group enjoying the spectacular nature, instead of stuck in hordes of tourists? Look no further. Ride a private vehicle from San Juan on a scenic drive up to the Island’s central mountains, thru stunning landscapes. Stop to sample tropical fruit smoothies, homemade pastries, or delicious Puerto Rican coffee. Continue up the famous Pork Highway, thru a Forest located over 2,500 ft above sea level. Take an easy walk through a verdant trail and be awed by the 204 species of tropical trees, flowers and palms. After 10 min reach the famous Swimming Hole, where you can enjoy the pristine water. Continue thru breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, to a little-known spot where we’ll hike 15 min to incredible waterfalls and river pools. Swim, float and bask in the jungle atmosphere at leisure. Finally, stop for lunch at the world-famous “lechoneras”, savor the delicious roast pork, and other tasty local specialties. After an amazing day in the authentic Puerto Rican countryside, ride back to our meeting place in SJU.
St Gria - Sangria Tasting Experience
Discover St.Gría! The first Sangria Factory in the Capital of Puerto Rico. You'll be fascinating with our Sangria Tasting Experience. The tasting experience includes 1 Signature Cup as a gift and 3 refills of your favorite St.Gría. Sangría Menu: 1. Sparkling Wine Sangría 2. Whisky Sangría 3. Vodka Ginger Sangría Point to highlight: Sangrías are Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free. Yes! You can taste 1 cup of each sangría while enjoy good music in the heart of San Juan. The experience does not include food, but we have dips, chips, and many more stuff you can buy when you visit us. St.Gría is open to public Fridays 4-10pm and Saturdays 1-9pm.
Rafting com o corpo e cavernas
Enjoy a beautiful hike through the mountains, visit a spectacular river cave and practice Body Rafting™ among towering canyons in a private nature reserve located in the mountainous Northwest Puerto Rico. You will be hosted by passionate interpreters at a traditional mountain cottage. After being outfitted with life vests and helmets, you'll hike through native bush, appreciate wildlife and explore the fascinating landscape of this area, which was the Atlantic Ocean floor. Then, a magical pause. Lay down in the ground keeping a safe physical distance, and appreciate silence while listening to birds and learning about the biodiversity of the jungle. Next, you will traverse a huge open water cave and learn fascinating stories of the Taíno Indian culture. See how water has sculpted these beautiful limestone caverns throughout history. Then, go Body Rafting™, our unique way to float downstream among the towering canyons fed by underground springs. Back at the cottage, relax and enjoy sipping local beer or beverages, while looking at memorable photos taken by your hosts, your new friends :) Note: Your safety and health are our priority. We are taking extra care and precautions to safeguard the health of our guests. We always wear face masks, observe social distancing guidelines, and strictly follow regulations. For any questions, please contact me at any time. Stay safe! Mimi Other things to note Meeting time: 7:30 am│You must be agile, in good shape.│All hosts and guests will undergo a temperature check at our meeting place. If anyone is running a temperature of more than 100.4° F, that person will not be allowed to participate, per CDC guidelines.│Must wear a face mask at all time.
Festa de salsa de Porto Rico e sobremesa/coquetel para iniciantes
When our guest arrive at our place they will know the teachers and they will feel in a very pleasant atmosphere. Our guests will be able to select between a cocktail or one of our delicious desserts among artisanal frappes, ice cream rolls or piña colada to be delivered at the end of the class. Also a bottle of water is included that will be delivered at the beginning of the experience. Then we pass to the air conditioning room where we will learn about the theory of the Puerto Rican Salsa and culture, basic steps, turns and more. If the client already has knowledge in the dance then he will be able to improve and learn new movements and figures, he will be able to feel the real Puerto Rican elegance, energy and style. Then is time to party! The lights goes out and we will feel the experience of being in a real Salsa party in Puerto Rico dancing and enjoying the Puerto Rican music. After the class and party is done we will move to another room with an amazing atmosphere with salsa music videos to taste the delicious drinks, cocktail or desserts that you chose. Other things to note The experience is even better if each participant bring a dance partner. However this is not mandatory. The experience is mostly for beginners. If the client is already a really experienced Salsa dancer you must contact us to make some arrangements for you.
Glassblowing on a tropical island
While vacationing on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Guests can have the experience to have a private glassblowing class with a Master Glassblower. And take a beautiful souvenir cratered in by you in Puerto Rico. For an extra charge, guests can be picked up and dropped off back at their location. The guest will tour true the glass studio and the glass Gallery right next to the studio. We offer from beginner classes to advance classes if you've never even seen a glassblowing torch to people that want to improve their skills in the art of glass. The student will finish the class with a glass art piece that is a souvenir to remember the beautiful travels in Puerto Rico.
Festa de bachata e sobremesa ou coquetel para iniciantes
We will make sure that you spend an spectacular evening with us. When our guest arrive at our place they will feel in a very pleasant atmosphere. That's the time to select a cocktail or delicious dessert between Ice cream, frozen drinks or piña colada to be delivered at the end of the class. Then we pass to the air conditioning room prepared so that the heat of the Caribbean does not take away your energy. We will learn the basics steps of Bachata, somes turns and more. After that is time to party! The lights goes out and we will feel the experience of being in a real Bachata party in Puerto Rico dancing and enjoying a great time. After the class and party is done we are going to move to another room with an amazing atmosphere with music videos where we going to taste the delicious desserts or drink that you chose. Note: The price is per person. Each participant must reserve a space.
Natação exótica e relaxante: cachoeiras e caverna
» This is the tour you book when you're looking to avoid any touristy spots! Looking for a RARE and beautiful location few get to see? My personable and RELAXING tours might be for you! (I only host 4 guests) ☼ Rare location, away from crowds. If you're looking to disconnect and swim at a truly secluded river, this might be the tour for you! A PEACEFUL adventure at a hidden spot. This experience is all about relaxation, nature can be a great spa. » When we arrive at location, we do 2 trails. 1st, we will do a challenging, steep mud trail that descends to a beautiful spot where you can swim in 2 natural pools and soak in 2 mid sized waterfalls! ☼ After that, we do a rocky trail climb to our main attraction : A lush jungle cave, with natural pools, and waterfalls! This trail is challenging, as it requires rock climbing. » I will also take great photos and videos along the way, so you'll have beautiful memories of your day! You'll be guided all the way, & I will be sharing my knowledge of the location and its variety of tropical plants. * ONLY for those looking to RELAX in a river. (1hr per river spot) * Must have good, respectful behavior. * NO FLIP FLOPS (Hiking boots / Sneakers ok) * PACK LIGHTLY! Trails are muddy and STEEP.
Nade em uma cascata na floresta tropical
* River SWIMMING experience. * ONLY for those looking to RELAX / swim at the river. (1hr per river spot) * Must have good, respectful behavior!! » You'll be walking and climbing on STEEP, slippery river rocks, not trails. * NO FLIP FLOPS (Hiking boots / Sneakers ok) * PACK LIGHTLY! » Subject to weather conditions. ≋ This experience will take you to a peaceful, well hidden, non-crowded, non touristy, local spot deep in the rainforest! Enjoy a rare, secluded area on the rainforest away from crowds! We will be exploring 2 river spots, where you can swim, enjoy pure waterfalls and natural pools, I can take great pictures and videos from your mobile, so you can have memories of this unique experience. » After the experience, I will drive you back to the meet up spot.
Sala de fuga em San Juan
We have 3 rooms: Murder Hotel, The Asylum, or Space Lab (Strictly upon availability) The players will receive a 7-minute talk about the rules of the game and then start immediately after. When the clock starts, they only have 59 minutes to find all the clues in order to escape and win. After that, we take a nice picture and we share it with them. Other things to note FAQs: Booking hours: We are open 5 days a week from 1 pm to 7 pm No scare jumpers, Wear comfortable clothes, Free parking available, Games are provided in various languages Spanish/English/French/Italian
Brazilian Experience in Puerto Rico
Come and join us to a Brazilian experience in Puerto Rico. The night will start off with a traditional fish dish called Moqueca. This is one of my favorite Brazilian dishes. It is made with a special ingredient called Dende Oil. Ever since this dish was introduced to me by my friend Ana I could not stop craving it. To complement this delicious meal we will finish up with a traditional dessert called Mousse de maracuja and a traditional Brazilian drink called Caipirinha. I would love to share this meal made with fresh ingredients and love with you.
Visite Porto Rico como um morador local com Carlos
Hi! This tour takes you thru the center mountain range of Puerto Rico to one of it's highest peaks, under the famed Tetas de Cayey, for a photo op in one of the most spectacular views Puerto Rico has to offer - swing and PR flag included. Then we head to the original Fountain of Youth of lore - yes, from conquistador Juan Ponce de León - which is in Coamo, the only hot springs on the Island. Off to Peñuelas for a magical rainfores waterfall (physical activity required). Finishing off with Guánica's beach mangroves, with perfect white sand beaches, lots of wildlife for snorkeling. Pickup location is in San Juan, but 99% of the time I'll pick you up where you are, unless there's different groups and the locations don't match - then we'll all meet in a central place. Don't have breakfast - do it with me! We'll eat like locals do in panaderías. Also, I *love* eating in tasty restaurants, so I try to fit one in always if we have time. If not, we'll get quick roadside food. Locations can vary depending on weather. If it's rainy or hazardous, we'll switch locations and go someplace else where we'll have a better time. Food and activity costs not included ($5pp springs, $2pp parking at beach). What are you waiting for? Hit that reserve button! If you have any questions, I'll gladly respond to those in a private message.
Create Frituras and Mimosa's with me in Puerto Rico
Turn on the Bachata and Salsa music and let’s cook together! I want to show my guests how to cook all the fabulous frituras(fried goodies) on this beautiful island from a native. We are going to learn how to make Rellenos (stuffed potato balls), everyone’s favorite Empanadas( stuffed pastry turnovers), Alcapurrias(root veggies fritters) and Bacalaitos(cod fish fritter). We will start from beginning to end how to make these delicious Puerto Rican fried foods for you to enjoy with your family and friends! Towards the end of the class after all the hard work we put in we will end the class with a hands on MIMOSA demonstration. We will make a delicious Mimosa from scratch to go along with our brunch frituras. Get ready to learn, have fun, laugh and most importantly Cook!
The melting experience
During this experience you will have the opportunity to make something with your own hands. With the help of a glassblowing teacher you’ll cover the principles of glass arts. If you want something to remember from your trip to puerto rico this is definitely a MUST in your To-do list. The glass studio is located in calle fernando montilla 407b san juan 00919 . You also can look it up as siete diez glass gallery in google