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O que você fará

Day 1
Your FlashpackerConnect team will transport you from Cusco City to the Sacred Valley, where you will join the group by enjoying a traditional Peruvian Pachamanca lunch!

The Pachamanca, which translates to "earth oven" in the Quechua language, is a traditional Incan meal cooked on hot rocks. The Pachamanca Farm Lunch includes a tour of an organic farm as well as a visit to a Cañazo (sugar cane liquor) distillery and coffee roasting facility with tastings of these artisanal products. You're welcome to participate in the preparation of the Pachamanca, and while the food cooks, you can visit the farm and learn about traditional and contemporary organic farming practices.

The lunch includes a variety of "grilled" meat (chicken, pork, and lamb with alpaca, rabbit and cuy upon request), Andean potatoes and camote, organic vegetables, a variety of house-made salads and sauces as well as chicha morada (purple corn beverage). We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and wine and beer are available upon request. We serve the lunch at covered picnic tables right on the farm with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and Inca archeological sites.

The total duration of the lunch is between 2 and 3 hours, depending on how much time you spend on the farm after eating lunch.
Other things to note
Pricing is based on double hotel occupancy.

Day 2
You will be picked up from your accommodation for the start of your tour. Our first stop will be Awanacancha Alpaca farm where you will get a glimpse of local Peruvian animals such as Alpacas, llamas and viñuna. Here your guide will explain the history of the animals and why they are important to the economy. In addition to that you will visit the textiles center displaying local crafts and trade item and be able to appreciate the best works of craftsmanship that the Incas produced.

From here we will take the road that leads to Pisac stopping for a moment at El Mirador del Valle Sagrado- the Sacred Valley lookout point to soak in the incredible views of the Andes Mountains. We will then make our way to the Pisac archeological site where your guide will give you an overview of the area and allow you to explore.

After lunch we will have time for one last stop- Ollantaytambo. Here we will walk the ruins and enjoy a guided tour as we soak in the spectacular craftsmanship surrounding us. We will then board the train from Ollantaytambo and make our way to Aguas Calientes.

We will check in to our hotel, and have the evening free to explore.

Day 3
Around 4am we catch the first bus up to Machu Picchu and see the sunrise over the ruins. If you have a later entrance you will be able to enjoy a bit more sleep before taking the bus up to the ruins (entrance times will be assigned to you depending on how far in advance you book).

Your guide will take about 2 hours explaining the highlights of Machu Picchu and the beautiful sites. Afterwards, if you have booked the option to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain you will have time for your hike and have free time to walk the ruins on your own. In the afternoon, you will get back on the bus and head to Aguas Calientes town. You will then board the train back to Ollantaytambo, where a private van will be waiting for your ride back to Cusco arriving between 6-8pm.

Day 4
Leave Cusco at 3 am, drive, then hike for 1.5 hours up the mountain to reach Humantay Lake

We pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 3am and drive 4 hours to the village of Soraypampa, located in the lush valley of the Apurimac River. Here we will enjoy breakfast before we start our trek up to the lake.

With beautiful views surrounding us, we ascend up the mountain 1.5 hours (1200 ft) for 2 miles taking numerous breaks to enjoy the scenery. After conquering the hill, we will gaze down on a turquoise lake, which is surrounded by steep peaks and an impressive glacier

The hike is dominated by Salkantay Peak, one of Peru’s most sacred mountains, towering 20,600 feet with a sheer and snowy face. The equally impressive Humantay Peak, rising 19,412 feet, is also within view. Shamans and other natives will often give blessing when reaching the crystal-clear waters of Humantay Lake. Once we reach the lakeshore, we relax, enjoy a snack, go for a swim (if you are brave!) or give thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth). When you are ready to hike back down, we will descend to Soraypampa and have lunch while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the snowy peaks. We drive back to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel.

Day 5
Your day starts in Cusco at your accommodation at 2:15am, for a 3.5 hour drive to the start of the trail. You will be given a local Peruvian style breakfast prepared by our chef and fuel up for the hike ahead of you.

The hike to the rainbow mountain will take around 2 hours and is a distance of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). Throughout your journey you will pass through a vibrant green valley with the snow capped peak of Apu Ausangate towering in the distance. You will see hundreds of roaming alpaca, and have the chance to truly see how Quechua people live. Your guide will explain what makes up the existence of the Rainbow Mountain and how it was formed, and finally with one last push you will hike up to a vantage point that gives you a 360 degree view of the beautiful landscape that makes up the sacred land.

We will have snacks on top and take a relaxing break to soak up the vistas, where you can enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. We experience the epic Red Valley from here.
We then continue our hike back to the trailhead (1 hour). Shortly after you will have a gourmet lunch prepared by our chef in a traditional mud-house and depart back to Cusco, arriving around 4pm.
Other things to note
Prices are based on double occupancy.
Day 1
Your FlashpackerConnect team will transport you from Cusco City to the Sacred Valley, where you will join the group by enjoying a traditional Peruvian Pachamanca lunch!

The Pachamanca, which translates to "earth oven" in the Quechua language, is a traditional Incan meal cooked on hot rocks. The Pachamanca Farm Lunch includes a tour of an organic farm as well as a visit to a Cañazo (sugar cane liquor) distillery and coffee r…
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  • Comida
    Full Pachamanca Lunch. Please inquire if you have dietary needs
  • Bebidas
    Drinking Water
  • Acomodações
    • 3* Accommodations in the Sacred Valley
  • Ingressos
    •Round Trip Train tickets •Partial tourist ticket to Sacred Valley. •Entran...
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    All transportation included by FlashpackerConnect
    Ph: +51 976 510 080...

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FlashpackerConnect started on the idea of exposing active travelers to the planet's best adventures. Founded in the Andes of Peru, FlashpackerConnect pioneered the first trail to the Rainbow Mountain, bringing the first travelers to the location in 2015. Since then, we have expanded across the world offering unique handpicked adventures you won't find anywhere else.
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Onde você estará

We’ll start and end our journey in Cusco, a city in the Peruvian Andes, and head outside the city to an organic farm, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, and Humantay Lake.

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fevereiro de 2020
Overall the adventures set up for each day were unique and wonderful experiences. The guides were all fantastic, particularly Alberto and Jacob. The planning of each day trip was excellent, earlier wake up times meant that the experiences were not over run by other tourists. The Pachamanca lunch was an experience I would never have thought to set up for myself, but was something I will never forget. Some planning details could have been more clear, for example pick up times and communications with hotels. But, Le-Ann was quick to respond and to address any problems.
novembro de 2019
*Overall:* - If you are not willing to be flexible, then I don’t recommend this tour. - If you hate waking up suuuper early, then I don’t recommend this tour. - BUT! If you like getting somewhere before *hundreds* of other tourists arrive, then I highly recommend this tour. - If you hate traveling in large groups, then I recommend this tour because the groups are very small. *Pros:* - They got us the best seats on the train ride to Aguas Calientes. - You are the first group into Machu Picchu, before the many hundreds of other tourists get there. - You are one of the first to Humantay Lake before the hundreds of other tourists get there. - You are one of the first to Rainbow Mountain before the hundreds of other tourists get there. - The tour group size is small. - The vans are comfortable with reclining seats so you can sleep a little more on the car ride since you have to wake up so early. - The hotels were much better than I expected! - You have different guides for different parts of the trip. This is nice because you get to meet different locals and hear their different perspectives. - The Pachamanca darn lunch was really special. - The tour is structured so you can get acclimated to the altitude a bit before the biggest hikes. *Cons:* - I had to pay an additional $525 after I booked the reservation. — I was traveling alone, so I had to pay an additional $235 solo traveler fee. This is normal for guided tours, but it should have been displayed on the Airbnb website. — I was the only person who booked the tour for Nov 18-23, so they charged me an extra $290. This seemed a little unfair. Thankfully, they ended up refunding this to me when another woman booked the tour also. - You have to pay an additional 70 Soles ($20) when you get there for the Sacred Valley tour. It seemed to me like the tour price should have included this entrance fee. - I was picked up on the first day at 7am. I did not have time to get breakfast before pickup. There was a miscommunication with the guide because I asked if we could stop for coffee, which we did, but I thought he said he was going to be giving me something to eat soon, so I should not buy anything there. So I didn’t. Mistake. I did not have any snacks. He did not have any snacks. I did not get to eat anything until I bought a banana and bag of chips at Pisac, and eventually an empanada at 3pm when we got to the train station. - You spend a lot of time in the van. The rides are around 3 hours one way. Half the ride is very windy/bumpy on unlaced roads so it made it fairly impossible for me to sleep the whole way. - The meals after Humantay and Rainbow Mountain were not particularly delicious, but they felt more like a special occasion home cooked meal. - You have to buy your own water. I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle, and buying a giant jug of water to refill with on your first day in Cusco. It would be nice if the tour provided water throughout the trip. - The hotel breakfast early togo bag was a white bread ham and cheese sandwich and fruit, but the actual hotel breakfast is good. - The Rainbow Mountain breakfast was a white bread ham and cheese sandwich, but they gave coffee or tea which was nice. *Tips:* - Always have a snack with you just in case you are hungry and there is not anywhere to get food. - Always have extra napkins/toilet paper with you in case you use a bathroom that does not have any. - Bring non-drowsy dramamine if you get car sick! (Someone in our group threw up on the ride back from Rainbow Mountain) - Bring a pillow from the hotel for comfortable sleeping in the van. - There are mosquitoes in Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu. It is in the jungle and warm/hot during the day. - The Huayna Picchu hike sells out fast, so tell the tour company if you want to do this hike and they can help get you tickets. I asked too late, so they were sold out, so I hiked Mountain Machu Picchu instead, which was less crowded because it is much more difficult (taller mountain), and resulted in *incredibly* sore calves for the rest of the trip. Great views from the top though! - I took altitude sickness medicine, and I was grateful for it. - The coca candies are worth taking with you on the Humantay and Rainbow Mountain hikes. They taste a lot better than the coca leaves. - Bring lots of small cash. Most places would not accept 200 Soles bills. You need 10-20-50 soles bills. - They recommended $5-10 USD per day for drivers, and $10-$20 USD per day for guides for tips (you pay in Soles though). — First day: guide and driver — Second day: guide and driver — Third day: guide, driver and cook — Fourth day: We topped our server at the farm, and our driver driver (don’t let him convince you to go through Chinchero on the way back from the Pachamanca lunch). — Fifth day: 1 guide and 1 driver. - I went early November and it is the start of the wet season. It rains in the evening and at night, but it was partly cloudy and 70 degrees during the day. - If you go during the dry season, then expect more tourists. - If you hike Mountain Machu Picchu, then you have to get to the top before noon! They won’t let anyone else to the top after noon. - It sometimes costs 1 sole to use the bathroom,...
outubro de 2019
Day 1: Pisac & Ollantaytambo. Excellent experience. I felt like they really went beyond explaining the history of these places. We would do this again in the future. Great tour guide, Alberto made us feel like family/friends. Day 2: Machu Picchu. I mean, this was the best day of our 5 day experience in Cusco, Peru. Just amazing, wonderful and very informative. Again, Alberto was awesome. Everything was amazing. The views and the photos we took. Gracias! Day 3: Humantay Lagoon. The views are mesmerizing. The most beautiful lagoon i’ve seen. It’s not dirty, you can’t swim in it. I like how it’s preserved. Thanks Rosbell, our tour guide, for all the pauses we took because it’s not easy to get up there. Also for the culture exchanges. Thank you! Sulpaki Day 4: Pachamanca Lunch Farm. I mean wow! Lunch cooked on hot rocks, just the best. Our personal chef took the time to explain to us the process and all that it’s done to keep it all organic. Thank you chef Gabriel Velasques. Gracias! Day 5: Rainbow Mountain. Views to die for. If you did the Humantay trekking, this one is somewhat easy. But don’t take my words for it. The tour guides were awesome, they made sure we were ok oxygen wise. Ricardo and Amilkar were awesome. Thanks you!
julho de 2019
Cusco has unique atmosphere, culture, gastronomy and people. The natural landscapes are breathtaking (literally because of altitude) and Elistan made an excellent job guiding us through the week! He knows everything about Peru's history relating to the traditional Inca's population and was very attentive to our group needs and questions. To enjoy even more your adventure in Peru, I would recommend you to just open your mind and heart to interact with local traditions and people you will meet! These two definitively made my experience unforgettable and priceless. To add to the Airbnb message on Adventures, do not "just show up". Show up as mindful you can, as open as you can. Because travel is about exchange and there you can find true El Dorado!
julho de 2019
The whole crew at FlashpackerConnect – LeAnn, Michael, Abel, drivers, and our on-the-ground guide, Elistan – were wonderful hosts throughout our stay and adventure in Cusco. Starting from before our trip, they were highly responsive with communication, helping narrow down which of their 2 adventures – Trek thru Peru and this one – was the better fit for us. Once we booked, they made sure we got all the necessary visitation permits, etc before we arrived, as well as a detailed day-by-day itinerary to know exactly what to expect. On the ground, they took especially good care of our group, picking us up bright and early every morning to beat the crowds, making sure we were always hydrated, fed, and comfortable, and, in Elistan's case, imparting deep historical expertise and cultural insights gathered over two decades studying and leading treks on and around the Inca Trail. The destinations themselves were beyond – breathtaking and spiritual. Humantay Lake, Ollantaytambo, and Rainbow Mountain were among our favorites. Machu Picchu is of course something very special, but expect to see large crowds. Towards that end, they were also flexible to making changes to the itinerary based on the consensus preferences of our group – for example, taking us to the equally beautiful and less crowded Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain. By the end of the trip, we felt like we truly experienced some of the best of Cusco's stunning landscapes and made authentic connections with our hosts and, in particular, the other guests on our trip. All in, a 5-star and highly recommended Airbnb Adventure.
fevereiro de 2020
Great experience, there’s different guides under the week but nonetheless everyone was really good and friendly

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