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The back of the tiny house.
The back of the tiny house.
  • Complete with an ewok bridge, this cabin was built to fit in with the knoll-covered landscape around it.
  • Alder Brook Cottage at the start of a snowstorm—November 19, 2016.
  • The inside of Alder Brook Cottage. Featuring a wood stove, kitchenette, bookshelves, fold-down table, daybed, bathroom, and a loft bedroom.
  • The fold-down cedar table.
  • The master bedroom: a loft with a luxurious queen bed.
  • The kitchenette in all its glory.
  • An outhouse made of fresh cedar.
  • The inside of the outhouse (you know you were wondering)
  • Sometimes the romance of it all makes you feel like proposing! Congrats to our guest Ryan and his lucky fiancé!
  • The cottage, snug and warm in -30ºF. Photo credit to our wonderful guest Alyson.
  • The back of the tiny house.
  • The view out the kitchen window—a 200-foot cliff rises just behind the house.
  • The perfect way to spend a snowy morning: writing by the fire with tea.
  • The view out the window behind the bed.
  • A woodstove burning cozily, a fold-down table/desk, and plenty of views of the forest in every direction!
  • The front door is 6 inches thick for cold winter nights.
  • The view outside in November.
  • The view from the queen bed in the loft.
  • The footbridge accessing the property. It is made of two spruce trees, some cedar planks, and rocks!
  • Snowstorms make for the best cottage-in-the-woods weather.
  • Walking across Caspian Lake, a mere 20 minutes from the cottage.
  • Standing on Lake Willoughby, January 2018.
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The back of the tiny house.