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Relaxed atmosphere.  Independent entrance.
Relaxed atmosphere.  Independent entrance.
  • Relaxed atmosphere.  Independent entrance.
  • Cozy studio with high ceilings.  (11 feet)
  • Lots of natural light.
  • Kitchenette with stove, oven, fridge, microwave & very hot water.
  • Excellent / constant water pressure, 1000 gl. water reservoir.  Steaming hot water.
  • Natural light
  • Reserve water tank and solar water heater.
  • Street view, towards Loiza st. (main st.)
  • On the corner,
  • Also on the corner.
  • Ocean Park, our local beach. Walking distance.
  • Ocean Park beach looking west to Condado.  Walking distance.
  • Ocean Park Beach, looking east.  Walking Distance
  • Churrasco (skirt steak) over Mofongo (mashed green platains) from Farmacia Americana.
  • Oriental / middle east fusion restaurant.  Walking distance.
  • Seafood restaurant.  Walking distance
  • USPS Loiza st. station.  Walking distance.
  • Walking distance
  • Urban art.  Walking distance.
  • Flower market, arts/crafts and McDonalds at walking distance.
  • Walking distance.
  • Nice sidewalk cafe.  Walking distance.
  • Another Seafood restaurant.   Walking distance.
  • Tatoo shop, piercings and art gallery all in one.  Walking distance.
  • Cargo container restaurant Tresbé.   Walking distance
  • Pubs. Walking distance.
  • Government buildings.  US Passport Office.  Walking distance.
  • Puerto Rico Art Museum. Walking distance.  There's also the contemporary Arts (5 min. drive)  and the Ponce (1.5hr. drive) Museums.
  • Koi fish at the art museum's pond.
  • Plaza del Mercado (Farmers Market).  10 minute bike ride.
  • Inside Plaza del Mercado.  The real Puerto Rico.
  • Have a "mojito" on the giant Avocadoes of Plaza del Mercado.
  • Pernil (pork shoulder) and morcilla (blood sausage) at Plaza del Mercado.
  • Bike ride rest stop looking east.  Great surfing spot as well.
  • Bike ride rest stop looking west into Old San Juan.
  • Mosaic mural honoring late mayoress doña Fela.  In office from 1947 to 1969.
  • PR's northwest corner.  Home to the world's second largest (China just inaugurated the largest 9/2016) Radio Telescope, in Arecibo. ( 1.5hr. drive).
  • Arecibo observatory.  On the lookout to the universe and perhaps the occasional NEO's  ?  (Near Earth Objects).
  • One of the world's longest underground rivers.  And caves. (2 hr. drive).
  • Yes, umbrellas covering the entrance to PR's white house.  They symbolize shelter; as a result of recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
  • Our Spanish roots with American lifestyle.
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Relaxed atmosphere. Independent entrance.