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Grandpa's Cabin - 1837 restored log cabin
Grandpa's Cabin - 1837 restored log cabin
  • Grandpa's Cabin - 1837 restored log cabin
  • Minutes away from the Mississippi and Beautiful Palisades State Park!
  • View of the stone fireplace in the evening with the lights on.
  • Fireplace view in the daytime.
  • A Little Angel sits by the fire to watch over!
  • Comfortable Lounge area inside the main cabin!
  • Details on the fireplace mantle are always changing!
  • Another view in the main cabin.
  • Rhonda's beautifully unique table for two!
  • Tiffany-esque lamp over the table
  • Vintage TV (no it doesn't work) and Modern CD/bluetooth player that does work!
  • The stairs to the loft.
  • Looking up to the loft area
  • view from the loft area (Area is not available just yet!)
  • Coffee, tea, creamer and sugar to start the day!
  • A quiet view from the cabin window in winter
  • Winter view from the cabin porch
  • Cabin Porch
  • Cabin Porch - Sit and relax with nature!
  • Down the hallway
  • Details in the hallway
  • More details in the hallway
  • Separate bedroom with Queen sized bed
  • Another view of the bedroom
  • Entrance and Exit area
  • A few antiques on the way to the Bathroom!
  • Vintage Coke machine
  • Bathroom Doorway
  • Stepping into the Bathroom
  • Bathroom details
  • More Bathroom details
  • Clawfoot tub with a shower!
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom
  • Linen Cabinet handmade by Bill himself!
  • Yes, the towels are provided!
  • Bathroom artwork :)
  • Outside the cabin in winter
  • Lane to the cabin in Winter
  • Details everywhere!
  • Doesn't he make you smile!
  • THIS is how we want you to feel!
  • We're both really nice! :)
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Grandpa's Cabin - 1837 restored log cabin