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Living area w/queen sleeper sofa
Living area w/queen sleeper sofa
  • Byrd's, Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees & lots of farm animals!
  • Amazing views from our New one bedroom fully furnished Barndominium
  • Living area w/queen sleeper sofa
  • Living & dining & kitchen
  • Back door leads to outdoor shower and private patio
  • Inside Dining Area
  • Canisters filled w/coffee & sugar
  • Fully stocked kitchen ready for a home cooked meal!
  • King size bed...
  • Extra Memory foam twin bed
  • Reading area...
  • Full tub/shower combo
  • Fresh towels in the drawers...
  • Shower outdoors under the stars and moonlight :-)
  • Beautiful private area to have your cookouts.
  • Amazing views from our barndominium
  • Both charcoal and gas grill...
  • View from one of the sitting areas - with chimenera
  • Front pond w/ducks & fish
  • Monarch caterpillars on fennel
  • Porches filled with plants...
  • Amazing views from our barndominium
  • Beautiful flowers...
  • Front pond
  • colorful sunflowers and zinnia's
  • Beautiful flowers surround the property...
  • Beautiful Old Oak Trees Surrounding the Greenhouse...
  • Another full view of the Barndominium...
  • another view of the greenhouse
  • view from the back pond - where there's a deer feeder and hog trap
  • Ducks at the front pond!
  • 3rd Saturday in October
  • Visit the Spoetzl Brewery
  • Antiques, Art & Beer Shiner, TX
Drink & Shop!
  • Antiques, Art & Beer
  • Grab a beer, listen to live music, and meet the locals at Howard's gas station
Shiner, TX
  • Amazing views from our barndominium
  • Watermelon Thump
Always the last Thursday through Saturday in June downtown Luling, TX
  • San Marcos River and tubing
Other river access points approx. hour drive
  • Splashway Family Waterpark nearby in Sheridan, TX
  • We have added 4 baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
  • The girls are now 1 yr. old and are breeding! New kids will be born soon!
  • BB the Blue Heeler with one of our guest!
  • Ruby our Red Heeler loves to play fetch with the guest!
  • The Duck Condos on the front pond!
  • Peacocks
  • Almost the Baby Guinea (great survival story)
  • Baby Turkey
  • Lover Boy - Born 6/14/18
  • Bebe & Hank the Blue Heelers
  • Ducks on the front Pond
  • Royal Palm & Bourbon Red Turkeys
  • Buddy the Orphaned Deer
  • Full bathroom
  • Amazing views from our barndominium
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Living area w/queen sleeper sofa