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This is but one of three enchanting entrances to the Cave Castle in the Gorgeous Granite Dells. Feel free to take a nap or read a book in the hammock.
This is but one of three enchanting entrances to the Cave Castle in the Gorgeous Granite Dells. Feel free to take a nap or read a book in the hammock.
  • This is but one of three enchanting entrances to the Cave Castle in the Gorgeous Granite Dells. Feel free to take a nap or read a book in the hammock.
  • This Cave Room weaves into the Dining Room situated inside a bay window. It peers into the front patio garden with a fountain, flowers, shrubs and tall arching shade trees.
  • Overview of Heaven on Earth Retreat & Wildlife Sanctuary in the Gorgeous Granite Dells
  • One of captivating views from the Cave Castle premises! If you have an extra hour and would like a guide to explore this labyrinth of canyons by foot, bicycle or kayak, we are at your service. We offer yoga adventure hikes along the trail too.
  • The Cave Castle is surrounded by five decks and countless cliffs. Continue around the corner up the steps to the Rooftop Viewing Deck with 360 degrees of awe-inspiring views!
  • Below the Cave Castle this seasonal pond is home to ducks, frogs and beautiful birds and as an oasis for pumas, coyotes, bobcats, javelina, deer, etc. Look carefully, do you see the line of the blue pool? The Treehouse in the cliff is also available.
  • Seen from the Cave Castle cliff, Heaven on Earth's adjacent Cliff Chalet. Please feel free to enjoy the pool and these days new larger spa.
  • Along the trail that leads from from our home to Watson Lake. There are more than 100 miles of trails accessible from these gorgeous Granite Dells.
  • It's easy to bike (or hike) here to Lake Magnificent (Watson Lake), only 1.5 beautiful miles away. Ask about our bicycles. The bicycling guide is optional.
  • One of the Cave Castle's many view decks with sun sails that offer cool zephyrs in the summer. From this deck the private canyon, pond, pool, spa, hammock and lawn can be seen.
  • Views from the Cave Castle's rooftop deck feature many of the mountains of gorgeous Granite Dells
  • Enjoy the beauty and serenity.
  • An older photo of the Cave Castle patio which is these days adorned with flowers and fountains.
  • The Cave & Loft from the Spiral Staircase. Feel free to light the wood stove on cool nights. Enjoy the softness & warmth of the radiant heated wood floors. A drop down 9' screen lives below that beam. Enjoy touching the natural Granite Cliff walls.
  • The majestic bedroom's king bed awaits you beside the marbled whirlpool tub. Notice the double executive desk and walkway above the cave living room to the loft featuring a couch and raised queen bed with custom suitcase storage and shelves below it.
  • On the right, a 10-person mahogany dining table is tucked into a beautiful bay window with The Cave beyond it.
  • Dining room and formal dining around the mahogany table will seat ten people.
  • Walking from the Loft to the Magnificent Bedroom is a pleasant adventure via the safe walkway from which you can peer down into the cavernous living room that we call The Cave. Check out the natural two-story granite cliff wall on the right!
  • Aerial view of Heaven on Earth Retreat & Sanctuary with the Cave Castle, Golden Dome and Cliff Chalet
  • The second floor shower features glass blocks and marble with a view from the shower, of course. The natural pine door on the right leads to a stacked washer and dryer.
  • The kitchen's cherry cupboards are fully equipped. The granite counter tops match the natural granite cliffs from which this photo was taken.
  • The Cave Castle kitchen is a cheerful pleasure.
  • Walking the from the loft bedroom  to the master suite is a pleasant adventure. An executive desk for two is built into a by window at the end of the scenic wooden walkway. The whirlpool tub with a view is on the right.
  • Spectacular views are seen through each of these windows and doors while "walking the plank" between the loft and master bedroom high up above the living room cave.
  • Both bathrooms boast beautiful antique double sinks. Just outside the door is a meandering flagstone walkway that leads into a private canyon patio with cliffs on all sides.
  • Rock climbing is an option inside the kitchen!
  • The Cave Castle's spacious 1000 sq ft roof top deck features 360 degree views. It's a lovely place to sunbathe, bird watch, dine al fresco, and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset colors fill the sky.
  • When it pours rain, a slight natural waterfall gently flows with a clever way to drain it out of the home. Also, do please enjoy the gently twirling view of the cliffs as you slowly ascend or descend the spiral staircase one beautiful step at a time.
  • Cave Castle entrance on a rare wintry day at Heaven on Earth Retreat™
  • Hike and bike the many miles of the national treasure, the Peavine Trail, around Lake Magnificent (Watson Lake) toward Prescott or north to Prescott Valley or Chino Valley.
  • Surrounding the Cave Castle in all directions, promontories of granite protrude into the sky for mountain climbers, photographers and nature enthusiasts to enjoy.
  • From the heights of Heaven on Earth Retreat, the long inspiring views give you the feeling of being inside a National Park.
  • Surrounded by a labyrinth of canyons the Granite Dells is one of the most beautiful places on earth
  • Aerial view of Heaven on Earth Retreat and Wildlife Sanctuary which tucked into one of canyon in an extensive labyrinth of canyons. Do you see the pool, pond, trail (on the left) and clifftop dome? Do you see the Cave Castle rooftop on the right?
  • Another aerial view of Heaven on Earth Retreat & Sanctuary
  • Take a stroll and relax on the lawn of the Cliff Chalet adjacent to the Cave Castle,  only 100 yards away. Do you see the blue glint of a pool below the chair on the left? If it's fruit season, feel free to pick a few peaches, pears, plums or apples.
  • This trampoline and a 2nd hammock are also adjacent to the Cave Castle
  • This lovely pool is perfect for swims, floats & potlucks in the pool. It's surrounded by multiple flagstone patios & paths. Do you see the Dome perched up on the cliff? Adjacent to the Dome, the Cave Castle is hidden behind the trees to its left.
  • Take in spectacular canyon views in all directions from the seasonal swimming pool and hot tub. The half acre seasonal pond and island are is amidst the jungly greenery directly below.
  • One of 25 fruit and nut trees, this peach filled tree overlooks the pool. Feel free to pick a few of the fruit. Apricots are usually ripe in late June and early, plums and peaches in July or early August. Apples in late September or October. Yum!
  • Lake Magnificent (Watson Lake) resembles like a luscious Mars-scape with water. It's a motorboat-free lake replete with birds. Feel free to ask us about our kayaks.
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This is but one of three enchanting entrances to the Cave Castle in the Gorgeous Granite Dells. Feel free to take a nap or read a book in the hammock.