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Owner overlooking beach area.
Owner overlooking beach area.
  • View of condo building, palapa & beach from seaside
  • Pool with view of sea
  • Another areal view
  • Pool and bar-cafe patio area
  • View of condo building. Condo Vista del Mar is 2nd floor on left.
  • Owner overlooking beach area.
  • Common activity area, has ping pong and game tables
  • Living room area
  • Beach area with kayaks, palapa & volleyball
  • Dining room with living room area on the left, and balcony
  • View from Master Bedroom balcony
  • Kitchen--fully equipped
  • 3rd floor roof terrace view
  • Dining room--showing balcony
  • Aerial view of Caribbean sea around condo complex
  • View of beach and swimming area
  • Quite a vista!!
  • Kayaking in the bay..toward a snorkeling/dive site
  • TERRIFIC scuba diving....right off the beach.
  • Great snorkeling...a short swim, kayak or boat ride away
  • 3rd bedroom---two single beds.
  • Laundry room
  • 2nd Bedroom--double bed.
  • 2nd bedroom---chest of drawers
  • Master bedroom  bathroom
  • Master bedroom
  • Balcony off living and dining room area.
  • Beach view from palapa--with boat
  • Beach and palapa
  • Pool
  • Palapa at the beach
  • CONDO VISTA DEL MAR, Seaside, Stunning Views, Pool
  • View from the cafe/bar
  • Owner in front of cafe/bar
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Owner overlooking beach area.