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Designers double bed
Designers double bed
  • Sofa with fruits and selection of traditional Slovakian biscuits for you
  • Designers double bed
  • Candles can make a very romantic atmosphere
  • Ergonomic layout of your bedroom
  • Einstein will take care for your comfortable stay ;)
  • Spacious wardrobe to store your luggage
  • Fully equipped kitchen to cook a nice dinner
  • Nicely designed kitchen
  • Big bathroom that fits a jacuzzi just for you!
  • Mirror for your make up ot shaving
  • Yes, the view from apt window is not fascinating :)
  • Your residential street directly next to very centre
  • Best location to explore Bratislava sights
  • Round the corner is Slovak philharmonics orchestra
  • Round the corner is old building of Slovak National theatre
  • Romantic view from nearby Sky bar & Restaurant
  • Just few minutes of walk from the apt you can have romantic night walk next to Danube river or go to unique restaurant at the top of UFO bridge.
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Designers double bed
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