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Desk and chair
Desk and chair
  • The room
  • Desk and chair
  • Shelf and bathroom’s door
  • close the blinds
  • TV and microwave
  • The view of this room is good.
  • Futon-set for 2 people
  • in the closet
  • Kitchen(IH-stove,Refrigerator,Microwaveoven,Kitchen ware) & Entrance
  • shower and toilet
  • The outward appearance
  • Free washing machines on the 1st floor.
  • Entrance
  • Fujimidai station
  • Infront of Fujimidai station FamilyMart
  • Supermarket in Fujimida station
  • Mister Donut in Fujimidai station
  • coffee shop in Fujimidai station
  • Drug store near Fujimidai station
  • #411 Private Cozy Apt. in Tokyo
  • Supermarket near Fujimidai station
  • 100 yen shop infront of Fujimidai station
  • Nearest Post office on the way to Fujimidai station/2 min walk
  • My recommended Chinese retaurant on the way to my apartments from Fujimidai staiton
  • Familymart:4 min walk
  • TORIKIZOKU (Yakitori restaurant
near Nakamurabashi stasion)
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Desk and chair