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A close up view in to the sit out
A close up view in to the sit out
  • The seemlessly integrated sit-out, court-yard with glass windows which can be closed in case of rain, and retain privacy from groundfloor, seating with Keralan woodwork (sopanam)
( photo taken at around 7.50 am)
  • Another portion of the hall showing the door leading to the staircase.
  • A close up view in to the sit out
  • The sit out
  • A look from Sit out into the Hall
  • A view of the dining area, in night
  • A view of the courtyard in the middle, which can be opened to let  in breeze  and sunlight during day time, of course drizzles too..
  • View from the open kitchen side
  • Seat attached to the courtyard, built in the Keralan 'Sopanam' style.
  • The window on the right side is next to the entrance.  You can also see a portion of the wash-basin in front of the common toilet on the right side. Dining side also seating in the Keralan Style is attached to the court yard in the middle.
  • staircase landing point at the entrance
  • Teapoy & Chairs in the bed room
  • Almirah in the bedroom
  • Indian style toilet
  • Western Style toilet in the Bedroom
  • a view of the Sit-out from balcony
  • Staircase to the first floor and second floor
  • In order to suit the tropical climate and cool the building considerably, plenty of windows like this are on every wall
  • a view from the bedroom
  • when the courtyard opened up to let in elements
  • a view of the pathway and gate from the balcony
  • another view of the landscape on the right side of balcony
  • The open kitchen can double up as study too. It has got mw oven, induction cook top, water purifier, fridge etc.,
  • Another view of bedroom showing the King Size Bed
  • Yet another view of bed room
  • Land phone.  Separate plug in high speed 4 G wi fi from Asianet
  • Writing table with storage space  and chair. Electric Kettle for hot beverages
  • Computer table & Chair at the reception area
  • A wide angle view of the house showing the balcony and sit out at the 1st floor
  • Asia: HOME walk dist. from Rly stn, 5km Airport
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A close up view in to the sit out