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Coisas para fazer em Bang Sare

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

Botanical Garden
“Nong Nooch is so many things, there are a variety of stunning gardens and collections of trees cars and animals that time simply flys bye. The Cultural show is an Epic treat with some fantastic performers and effects that leave a lasting impression.”
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Water Park
“One of the biggest water park in Thailand, it is worth value of money to visit.”
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“There is a big lake in beautiful nature. When the sunset time comes, the light of the sunset is reflected on the lake and it becomes a beautiful landscape.”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“Distance from the villa: 5-10 minutes drive Pricing: $$$ Tips about the place: Great place to watch the sunset over a cliff. This restaurant is only 5 minutes drive from our villa. We can arrange local transport for you if needed. This restaurant does not take advance reservations. Service can be slow at peak hours. Recommend going there for a sunset cocktails and light snacks”
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Natural Feature
“Visible glittering in the sunlight from a distance, the image of Buddha carved into the side of a limestone hill and inlaid with gold has an appropriate name which translates as “the Buddha with brightness and sublimity”. Etched out of the side of what was once a source for construction materials with a laser, it is 130 metres in height and 70 metres at its widest point, making it is the largest carved stone Buddha in the world. The area it resides in – commonly known as Silverlake – is one of great natural beauty and is also home to a number of other attractions such as the Silverlake Vineyard.”
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Point of Interest
“The 2.4sq.kms of Nong Nooch are full to bursting with some of the most remarkable flowers, displays and landscaped gardens in Thailand.”
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Buddhist Temple
“Went to make merit, offering food for breakfast at the temple By traveling from Bangkok at 5 am to the temple almost 7 o'clock in the morning. We took the prepared food, put it in a plate and lifted it into a wheelchair. Went to sit in the queue to convince the abbot to listen to the sermon and blessing was finished Then went up to see a beautiful view on the hill where the relics of the Chedi Maha Chakri Phiphat, at 2 o'clock, followed.”
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“A very nice place to go peaceful and relaxing, release your tensions. Lots of shiny buildings and Temples set on beautiful landscaped grounds beside a beautiful lake with wild monkeys on the roadside.”
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“Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is larger and more spectacular than anything of its kind in Thailand, with 30 state-of-the-art water rides and slides and other attractions including Disney World-style mascots, entertainment shows, a food court with many regional food types and all-round aquatic fun for the whole family. The park is logically split into sections catering to smaller children and teens and fully-grown children with families of their own. ”
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Natural Feature
“ Royal temple in peaceful settings. This place also holds a fraction of the Buddha's ashes, and a museum.”
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“This is a great place to visit and is close by. You can have a great experience on the Elephant ride, have a photograph with the tigers and see some amazing gardens.”
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“This is Navy beach. You have to exchange your ID card or passport before entrance. This beach is cozy and nice. The sand is soft and white. The personal vehicle is must. You have to drive around 15 minutes to the beach.”
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Restaurante Italiano
“Great Italian pizza and western food. Beautiful views over the Silverlake Vineyard”
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“Very big water-park with a lot exciting sliders for young (also toddlers) and old”
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Point of Interest
“Thai Thani arts and cultural village is a new and unique tourist attraction displaying the culture, traditions and history of Thailand; architectures, handicrafts, arts, culture, activities and tradition of the old days.”
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