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Coisas para fazer em Bern

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

Zoo Exhibit
“The bear parc is a must for most tourists. Spot the bears and start or end your historic center tour right there. 20 minutes from our place. If you walk up "Grosser Muristalden" from there, you can enjoy a scenic view of the old town.”
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“With an amazing view of Bern, have lunch or dinner while you tour Bern or just stop for a drink and enjoy the city from above!”
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“for a nice walk along the river Aare - if you walk against the current you will end up in wonderful nature... If you walk with the current you'll arrive at the "Bärengraben" (yes, Bern has bears).”
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“There are different exhibitions - see the museum's website for what could be seen at the moment (http://www.zpk.org/). The museum's building is a contemporary one. It is easy to get there - from the train station, you need to get on trolley No. 12 (direction Paul Klee Zentrum).”
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“About a half of the Dählhölzli is freely accessible or visible, for example the enclosures along the Aare river, the childrens' zoo and the lynx park, the wisent forest, and also the grouse and flamingo enclosures are all free. But if you wish to see more animals or if you feel like a walk over the footbridge into the forest, you will have to pay to get into the Dählholzli zoo at the entrance to the vivarium. ”
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Capitol Building
“The national government building. You can even go inside and I think it's free, but you need to make a reservation/booking.”
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“An old gym turned into one of my favourite locations in Bern. You can go there for lunch or dinner in their court, then stay and have drinks while the place turns into a club - or visit one of their many live events and discover the artists and cultural happenings in the other parts of the building surrounding the cozy and relaxed court”
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Bus Line
“The Rose Garden is our favorite hang-out place in Bern. The explanation is easy: is one of the most beautiful parks in Bern and offers an unrivaled view over the rooftops of the historic Old Town, the Münster (Minster) and the loop in the Aare river. Located just 3 bus stops away from Victoria Platz with the bus 10. Our boys love to go there for an improvised football match in the grass, climb the trees, go to the playground or have a picnic. The restaurant is not bad either, although the food is not outstanding, is the perfect place to have a drink with the best views of the city. In summer our visits include a stop in the restaurant to buy some ice-cream and in winter, just to seat inside for a hot cocoa milk with the view, is worth a visit! If you were to see just one attraction while in Bern, this would definitely be my personal recommendation! Enchanting cherry blossoms in spring, around 250 types of blooming roses in summer, a riot of color in the fall, and the cozy fondue veranda at Restaurant Rosengarten during the winter months make a visit to the Rose Garden special no matter what the season. ”
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“Very nice and authentic swiss food, also for vegetarians. With its own beer brewerie ”
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“Westside is a shopping mall that is perfect for families. There is an indoor playground in which the children can play while you do shopping. There is also a movie theatre and wellness center. Bern Aqua is the name of the wellness center, it includes waterslides and more.”
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Science Museum
“Very nice musium if you are interested about Relativity theory and Einstein himself”
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Monumento / ponto turístico
“"It is the landmark of the city of Bern: the Clock Tower (Zytglogge). On the hour, many people gather in front of the Clock Tower to watch the clock mechanism from the 16th century perform its unique spectacle" (https://www.bern.com/en/detail/berns-clock-tower-zytglogge)”
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“You can observe live bears right in the heart of the Swiss capital. The BearPark is home to Finn, Björk, and their daughter Ursina. The animals have been living in the new park along the bank of Aare since 2009. The new BearPark provides a landscape where the brown bears can climb, fish and play, but also just retreat and relax. It's also a perfect place to get some at the sun sitting next to the river Aare and if you like even cool your feet inside.”
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“You basically cannot miss Bern's Old City, part of the UNESCO world heritage. Visit its fountains, Zytglogge (watchtower) and the Münster (cathedral) and explore the late medieval and baroque architecture”
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“Looking for something a bit special...? Check out this chic Bar & Restaurant beneath the Kornhaus with it's high, vaulted ceilings. ”
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“The Zytgloggee is a clock tower from the medieval time with well-known astronomical clock.”
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