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Explorar Boston

Boston: parques e natureza

“The city center of Boston lies here! From here you can access Downtown & Back Bay easily.”
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“An all time local and tourist favorite. Come walk through the gardens and get on a paddle boat and take in the views.”
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“An absolute oasis in the middle of the city. Absolutely beautiful place to walk, bike, read etc. try and go deep into it and not just on the periphery near the entrance, Although that’s fine too.”
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Porto / Marina
“A five minutes ride brings you to this wonderful location. It's an easy walk around (about 1.5 miles) on mostly flat and paved ground. You can also bike on the trail. The views are very bucolic. I have always dreamed to learn sailing and you can just do that at the pond. I have caught quite a few fish in those dark waters including carp and catfish but there are also massive rainbow trouts. Grab a pair of waders if you want to catch those! ”
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“This park, part of the Emerald Necklace of green spaces, includes a zoo, golf course & arboretum.”
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Monumento / ponto turístico
“Walk around this tiny park, bring a snack and have a picnic on the green and if you're up for it climb to the top for the best views of the city. ”
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“The main square of the Back Bay area is surrounded by both old and ultra-modern buildings. Its architectural highlight is Trinity Church, a red sandstone building designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson in his distinctive style, known as Richardson Romanesque. Trinity is widely considered to be his finest work. The murals, frescoes, and painted decorations inside are by John La Farge and much of the fine stained glass is by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. Facing it, across a grassy lawn where you can enjoy a picnic lunch with neighborhood office workers, is the Boston Public Library founded in 1848 as the first publicly funded lending library in the country. ”
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“Ranger Station with guided walks, nature programs and path around the reservoir. Also water treatment plant tours.”
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Porto / Marina
“Kayaking along the Charles. Make your way from Kendall to Harvard, great sights to see. Remember to wear sunscreen! (Available seasonally)”
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“Walk along the Charles River or have a picnic lunch. Take the kids or dogs out to play.”
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“Only one stop away on on the Red Line (JFK stop, exit near the traffic circle and go across it diagonally to get to Carson Beach) this is a long walkable beach with nice clean Victorian Bath houses with a good sandwich shop, you can spend the day. ”
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Paisagem incrível
“Stunning views from this 365 degree tower in Boston's Back Bay. In Boston proper so will need an Ubber or subway ride to get there.”
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“This is my favorite park in the city! You'll see most of the skyline from here.”
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“Unique outdoor venue with lawn games, swings that light up at night, music, food and drinks. Seasonal. For all ages.”
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“Amazing! The oldest WWII war food public gardens in the USA. Now residents of Boston can use them for plant or food gardening.”
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Casa de Shows
“Enjoy a fun early morning or afternoon jog and see the famous Hatch shell. Its a great place to view the 4th of July fireworks and they hold classical concerts there.”
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