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Explorar Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: parques e natureza

“great for people watching, going for a run around the track, watching a pickup softball game. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“Catch the NYC Ferry here from the docks at N 6th Street. A beautiful way to see the city while traveling into the city.”
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“Neighborhood - Williamsburg, Brooklyn ~ All year round trendy hotel and rooftop enclosed bar”
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Dog Run
“Look across the street to your left and you'll see the entrance to McGolrick park. A huge historic park with Sunday Markets, a dog park, picnic tables and plenty of grass to lay out a blanket on. Bring over some snacks from Brooklyn Standard and take in some sun. ”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“Mixologists shake fancy cocktails, pour craft beer & serve snacks in a slick space with a garden.”
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“great for families with kids, even if you want to get some sun ! spectacular Manhattan skyline view and the bridges! must to see”
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“Chill park by the water. Community garden, city + bridge view, volleyball etc. ”
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“city park with tennis and basketball courts, a playground, large grassy area, skatepark, and dog run!”
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“Serene waterfront park offering sweeping Manhattan skyline views & a paved walking path.”
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“Bushwick Inlet Park is a public park located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. The park currently stretches along the East River between North 9th and 12th Streets, and is eventually planned to reach into Greenpoint at Quay Street.”
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“This is one of my secret spots. It is a volunteer run farm in the middle of Brooklyn. It is a great spot to bring a picnic or take in the views. It is peaceful and friendly. Often when the nearby Domino Park is overrun by people, North Brooklyn Farm is empty. They sell vegetables and flowers, have dirty bike riding for kids and often have inexpensive fun events. This really is my secret spots, so don't tell too many people!”
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“Beautiful dock where the east river ferry makes a stop. Open place with great scenery. Very romantic.”
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“Relax by the baseball fields in summer. Always-happening place, but kind of a hipster fashion show.”
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“McCarren Park Pool is a great way to spend the day and then picnic in on the lawn afterwards.”
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“Here is the closest little park that I often go to. They have a field, playground and an area for adult calisthenics.”
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