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Best things to do in Brooklyn

“the old faithful, good stop for cheap drink and people watching on newark ave”
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Street Art
“A quick walk from the Jefferson Street L Train station will give you all the street art and graffiti eye candy you could dream of. Your fingers will be tired from taking so many photographs! Coffee shops abound for the necessary caffeine and snacks. ”
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“20 boutique shops and stores occupy this minimalistic space that was once a textile mill. Find everything from gallery space to a cycle shop, a tattoo parlor and a yoga studio. Peruse Shops at the Loom for your next unique artisan purchase.”
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Galeria de arte
“They have performances here regularly. Intimate setting often with drinks and refreshments. ”
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Galeria de arte
“Pioneer Works often has something interesting going on - either art installation or performance-wise. There's a related bookstore on Van Brunt St. If nothing else, it'll get you to Red Hook, an interesting neighborhood on the waterfront to poke around in on. Some of the older residential streets still feel like a fishing village from days gone by. There is a pier at the end of Conover Street with a great view of the Statue of Liberty, a few good restaurants and multiple bars. Fairway is a huge supermarket where you can purchase lunch or breakfast and eat it outside on the water. Or you can shop at IKEA if that is more up your alley. In season on the weekends, there are multiple Latin food trucks on Bay Street. ”
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“Funky, informal wine bar/cafe where artists and creative people congregate.”
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Galeria de arte
“An off-beat not for profit artist run art space with a gallery which hosts art installations, music, performance art, gatherings, happenings, craft nights, parties and dj's. There's also a fun bar scene. ”
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“This is a combination office complex, shopping mall and mini food district. It's in a renovated factory and has a working chocolate mini factory in it where you can buy chocolate, great coffee, art exhibits, bars and restaurants. People rave about the Japanese store with food and a food court inside (I haven't been to it yet but know the rest of the place).”
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History Museum
“AMAZING PLACE! I know a lot of guests book here because we are a fast train to manhattan but why not get to know some history of Bed Stuy and see an amazing museum and neighbourhood gem! ”
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Casa de Shows
“Diverse nightclub with a lot of room to dance, a lot of different genres of music! Check their calendar for events!”
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Galeria de arte
“They host a number of art and music events for adults and kids. Very eclectic, very Bushwick :)”
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“Quirky storefront museum that's filled with New York City artifacts & hosts annual cultural events.”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“Excellent Mexican place offering authentic Mexican style food. It's a romantic environment and they also have a small bar.”
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Galeria de arte
“A delightful place to visit for just the right balance of relaxation and stimulation. The artwork is selective and unique, most of the art is from locals. Its a good place come whenever you need some art or just want to contemplate form and color.”
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Galeria de arte
“My art center i have founded in 2009, the reason why I'm in NYC. Come visit our exhibitions, attend performances and do not hesitate to ask me for a private tour! ”
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Galeria de arte
“This is a great institution with a huge variety of shows (lots of good photo journalism). Not every show is for every taste, but it worth googling to see what is currently being exhibited.”
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