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Best things to do in Cambridge

“Discover the story of planet Earth's coldest, driest, windiest, highest and deadliest places. ”
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“A centre for research into the polar regions and glaciology worldwide. Research covers both the natural and social sciences and is often interdisciplinary. It houses the World's premier Polar Library, extensive archival, photographic and object collections of international importance on the history of polar exploration, and a Polar Museum with displays of both the history and contemporary significance of the Arctic and Antarctic and their surrounding seas.”
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“The library of Trinity College is a working College library but is open to the public most days between 12.00 - 14.00 hours (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday (10.00 - 12.00 hours in term time). The building itself is a wonder but also displayed are Isaac Newton's own copy of The Principia Mathematica, the statue of the romantic poet Lord Byron who was at Trinity in 1803 and the first copies of Winnie the Pooh. Entry is free and restricted to 15 persons at a time so you may have to que during the busy summer season. ”
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“A tower to truly behold and wonder - with a reflective piece of modern brass sculpture by Harry Evans outside - books ready for the reading, as this is a copy library, one of three in the UK. 5 mins.”
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