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Best things to do in Cancún

“This is a nice local bar for late night cocktails... Wednesday is ladies night and they drink for free! Safe and fun!”
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“10 min drive. Entertainment area, shopping and restaurants. You can't miss this place because it has a HUGE ferris wheel in the parking lot. Not to mention all of the best department stores: Liver Pool, Calvin Klein, Boss, Zara. ”
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“All of the Cheester's are so consistent and the food is really delicious. The meal sizes are huge and would recommend 1 meal between 2. Located at Parque Las Palapas (1:30pm - 11:00pm )”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“Mexican Food, weekends mexican food and sea food buffet and Mariachi every day”
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“Great local palapa restaurant downtown. Excellent choices, international menu. Great food and ambiance. Live music at least one night a week. A true secret of Cancun. Also offer buffet.”
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Local Histórico
“El Rey ruins, beautiful place to visit, in the lagoon side and in front of one of Cancún´s most beautiful beach”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“Good Tacos, seafood, Micheladas and more. Nice atmosphere and close to other bars so you can hop around for some cocktails if youd like. ”
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Point of Interest
“About a 1000 years ago this site was used by the Mayan people. In fact this temple complex was part of hundreds in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. All of the Mayan sites were linked by trade and some were pilgrimage sites of worship. The ruins are mostly in the sun and you might want to bring a sun hat or umbrella. You can walk (40 min) or taxi (7 min)”
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“This park is located in the heart of the city, every afternoon you can enjoy of shows, dances, performances, live music, walk around, enjoy some typical mexican snacks. Local experience is highly recommended.”
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Restaurante Italiano
“Ok, so I cheated a little on this one. I selected this particular restaurant because it highlights the location well, but really this post is about La Ruta Náder, which is a downtown street that is super busy with lots and lots of trendy bars and restaurants. The street is Av. Carlos Náder, and you'll want to start walking from Av. Uxmal down towards Av. Coba. That's where most of the cool places are!”
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Point of Interest
“The locals that try to sell you things buy their supplies here. T-Shirts, souvenirs, hammocks, pottery, clothes, all kinds of strange Mexican goods.”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“If you want to experience mexican food close to the villa, this is a great option. Great ambiance and views to the lagoon. It has the highest prices in the area.”
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“The best place in town to eat meat the quality and flavors are amazing and its all you can eat. The salad bar its full of different foods. You can pay for package (meat and salad bar) or just for the salad bar, depends how much hungry you feel. Open until 11pm”
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“The best Steakhouse in Cancun! Gorgeous place great friendly service, valet parking available. Make reservations as it can be difficult to get a table, specially during weekends. Amazing menu, difficult to make up your mind!”
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“Plaza Malecón Americas is probably the most popular shopping center in Cancún. And it also features our favorite cinema branch, Cinépolis VIP, where you'll find reasonable prices for a remarkably high-end movie experience featuring large leather recliners, waiter service, drinks, and a wide selection of foods including sushi.”
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“The only theater in Cancun where you can see plays, unfortunately there are no subtitles, hehe.”
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