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Museu de Arte
“The main museum in Cannes, located in the old town. Cannes was built just from the hill where the museum is, and then it developed in what it is today. The museum will let you discover the tortous and fascinating history of this enchanting city.”
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Galeria de arte
“The Centre d’Art La Malmaison is housed in what used to be the Grand Hotel on La Croisette. The hotel was demolished and all that remains is the Games Room, where you can now find lots of artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s a brilliant modern-art museum with fantastic temporary exhibitions. La Malmaison is a must-see.”
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Local Histórico
“The Fort of St Marguerite is now renamed the Musée de la Mer (Museum of the Sea). This museum houses discoveries from shipwrecks off the island, including Roman (1st century BC) and Saracen (10th century AD) ceramics.”
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