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Best things to do in Cartagena Province

“Fue la fortaleza militar de la corona Española en la epoca de la conquista de america. It was the military fortress of the Spanish crown at the time of the conquest of America.”
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“Nice place for sunset, not the best drinks but worth it once in life to see the scene! Its also located on a historical battery on the defense wall surrounding Cartagena. ”
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“Very modern, nice shops and a nice food court for snacks or a quick bite to eat”
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“here you find all...clothes, atms, food etc... big jumbo supermercado with all even european food....”
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Casa de Shows
“Salsa bar in the heart of Getsemani. If you like salsa, this place is a must. Loud live salsa music....loud!”
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Entretenimento geral
“La movida is easily the best party in Cartagena, great music, fantastic drinks and cool ambience. Highly recommend it”
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“Very nice Fish Food Place in the city and pizza aswel!!. Muy buen lugar para comer comida de mar y pizza tambien!!”
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History Museum
“Cartagena Gold Museum. If you go to Bogota I recommend going to Bogota's much bigger and more impressive.”
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“Aqui encontrar naturaleza y gran variedad de aves. Recomendado para ir en grupo y familia.”
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“Los tragos son hechos por mixologos! The coktails are made by mixologists! ”
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Local Histórico
“Place where you get all kinds of souvenirs and emerald. Lugar donde consigues todo tipo de suvenires y esmeralda.”
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History Museum
“A mi concepto es el mejor museo. muestra toda la babrbarie que se vivio en la epoca. Indigenas torturados para convertirlos en catolicos. To my concept it is the best museum. shows all the babrbarie that lived at the time. Indigenous people tortured to convert them into Catholics.”
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“If you like to dance salsa, you must go one night!/Si te gusta bailar salsa, debes ir una noche!”
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““Buen lugar para tarderar y ver diferentes shows realizados por locales Great place for people watching and see the locals performs””
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Restaurante Caribenho
“Aquí podrás encontrar los mejores sabores de la costa. Here you can find the best flavors of caribean”
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“Getsemaní is one of my favorite places in the city, this area is fool of local restaurants, cafés, and bars that worth a visit. ”
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