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Coisas para fazer em Chelavara

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Point of Interest
“Chelvara Falls is a natural waterfall formed by small stream, a tributary of Kaveri near Cheyyandane village which is on Virajpet - Talakaveri State Highway (SH 90) around 16 km from Virajpet, in the state of Karnataka, India .The falls is near to Thadiyandamol, the highest point in Kodagu. The falls is visible after walking a few meters in the forest gushes from the place available for parking. ”
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Natural Feature
“Thin mist surreptitiously makes its way over flickering blades of grass in Chomakundu's tender green hill meadows. The entire valley is replete with fog that seems to never dissipate. Chomakund hill peak is magnificently wet, dewy and wonderful all year through. No matter what your prior trekking experience or age, this could be a trek for anybody. Chomakund is on the border between Karnataka and Kerala in the districts of Kodagu and Kannur, respectively. It is part of a hill range that consists of the better renowned Chelvara, only two kilometers away. The terrain of Chomakund forms a trail with open grassland that is dry in the summer and thriving in the monsoon and winter months. This trail begins at the base of the hill and you don’t need a guide to traverse it. If you are traveling from Chelvara, on your right is Kabbe Hills and to your left would be Chomakund. It is easy to differentiate the two. Kabble is enveloped by a set of thick trees that somehow leave the peak barren and bare, while Chomakund is – essentially – open meadow-like grassland. It is trek ideal for people of all ages and experience because of its terrain. Where the trail begins, at the foothills, is a pond. Weaving its way through forest, grassland and breathtaking landscapes - Chomakund is a magnificent trekking trail. In all, depending your prior experience and speed, the trek to the peak at mid-pace should take an average trekker about an hour and a half. The longest that this trail can stretch to would be five to six kilometers. It is also possible to trek Chomakund in the night, if you are accompanied by a guide. Do not miss the Chelvara Falls that you can find only 16 kilometers away from Virajpet. Roaring into its natural pools, it is a quaint beauty all by itself. While here, do not forget to make the great trek to Sunset Point where you can take in the fading evening or rising morn. The view from Chomakund's hilltop itself is exalting. Above the clouds with fleeting glimpses of the Arabian Sea in the distance, if only you could print this on a postcard – perfect.”
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“A night mountain drive in Coorg is all you need to feel like you are up in the heavens, with the stars and clouds above appearing larger than ever! You could hire a jeep or any vehicle of your choice and head to the hills for an enthralling night drive! Arrive at the decided spot; Kabbe, late in the evening, and board a jeep for this 1.5 hours of exhilarating journey. Drive through the craggy trails and witness the nocturnal beauty of Coorg along with a tranquil experience of star gazing. By the time you finish this exciting drive, you will surely find yourself falling for the charm and appeal, this picturesque hill station holds in its couch!”
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