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Best things to do in Colônia

“You can't miss the Dom. It is totally worth it to climb the 533 steps to reach the top of the Dom. Breathtaking view and gothic architecture.”
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“Of course, a must see as it is the most famous spot in the city. However, I recommend you to not waste your money on paying admission to walk up the tower as the view is not great and pretty smelly up there.”
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“After getting some food in one of the many restaurants at the "Aachener Straße" starting at "Rudolfplatz", you can enjoy the good weather and take a short walk around the tiny lake.”
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Museu de Arte
“most famous museum in NRW. Amazing collection of modern and contemporary art.”
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“Follow Ehrenstraße up Breite Str. (Dom) or down Maastrichter Str. (Belgian quarter) to find Arts- and Bookstores, Cafés, Fashion stores and Souvenirs”
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Praça de Pedestres
“It is at Neumarkt, there you will find all major clothing brands (ZARA, H&M, Appelrath&Cüpper, Peek&Cloppenburg and many more) as well as numerous shoe retails...”
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“The chocolate museum educates about the history of chocolate and displays the production of chocolate from the cacao tree to the finished product. And of course,​ you can taste the chocolate as well.”
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“The Belgian district is a very lively place with lots of small shops, cafes and bars. It's just a nice place to walk around and enjoy the street-life.”
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Lugar para comer hambúrguer
“Honestly the best burger I have ever had. If you want a burger - don't look anywhere else. As a solid food choice - give it a try, it'll be better than many other choices and cuisine options.”
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“A large cinema for mainstream movies. Check the special rates on specific days of the week.”
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“Toller alter Park mit Tretbootfahren, Biergarten, Grillen, Spielplatz, Sonnenbaden. it's a very old park, with a sea, where you can rent a boat, or sit in a beergarden, and a big playground with many children.”
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Paisagem incrível
“If you want to have a look over Cologne but also see the Dom, that's the place to be. On the other side of the river, next to Messe Deutz, you won't have to climb the stairs and it costs about the same as walking up the Dom. Closed with heavy rain or wind as you're standing outside. If it's you birthay you get in for free (at least some years ago)!”
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“The Cologne zoo and the aquarium - why not going there wehen staying longer in Cologne?”
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Men's Store
“1 st -"Outskirt" Shopping Center in Cologne, since 1971 - all you get usually in a Shopping Center”
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“This is my favourite park in Cologne. A long time ago this park was build for Germanys biggest exhibition for gardening. Even if the park is not as glamorous as it was when the exhibition was ongoing it is still a beautiful place to spent some time outside. ”
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“One day just enjoying Wellness, Sauna and swimming come to this place. I do not know if children are allowed but I think this a child-free area, just like the "Bäderwelt Euskirchen".”
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