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“-*Garden of the Gods* is a must. It’s free and people come from all over the world to see the red rocks :) there are tons of different trails here for different levels of walking. we recommend garden of the gods cafe too for farm to table fresh brunch. Budget around 2 hrs for this!”
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“ -If you guys are zoo people the *Cheyenne mountain zoo* is pretty famous. It’s America’s only mountain zoo. ”
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“Right across from the home on the other side of Hwy 24. Beautiful place to walk, run, walk your dog, rock climb through similar red rock outcroppings to Garden of the Gods...”
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“Old Colorado City is a hidden gem. I’ve talked to natives who have lived in Colorado their whole lives and they don’t even know about it. It’s about a half a mile long but contains some of the top restaurants in the area. There are also events there on the weekends, such as art fairs and music festivals.”
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“easy hike & great for kids! Less than 1 mile to falls, optional to walk up the stairs to more hiking Does require parking at Norris Penrose and the broadmoor will shuttle visitors up to the falls, this does require tickets which can be purchased at the location. ”
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“he US Olympic Center holds tours but it costs $15 dollars per person to enter.”
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“One of nature's wonders, it's a must see while in Colorado Springs. We highly recommend going by bike or vintage scooter as parking is a challenge during the Summer months. You can rent a low-power scooter from Vintage Scooter Adventures which is located at The Garden of the Gods Trading Post, 324 Beckers Lane, Manitou Springs, CO. Fun times, great rates, wonderful experience all around. Highly recommend!”
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“Founded as a collecting institution in 1896, today the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum builds a lasting connection to preserve and share our cultural history. The CSPM is fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, a recognition only received by 3% of the nation’s museums”
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“Cliff dwellings over 700 years old relocated from southern CO. An interesting museum as well.”
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Restaurante de Comida Americana Moderna
“We love this unique restaurant located in the cellar of a downtown building. Excellent and creative menu”
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“Old Elementary school turned into a bar (The Principals Office), a brewery (Bristol Brewing) and the Ivy Wild Kitchen (serves breakfast, lunch and dinner) huge patio with great views! Great atmosphere with an immense amount of character!”
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Galeria de arte
“Provides innovative, educational, and multidisciplinary arts experiences designed to elevate the individual spirit and inspire community vitality!”
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“Great place to just stroll around. Anyone is welcome to enter. Lot's of great restaurants, bars, a cool bowling alley, old theatre, incredible views and lot's of hallways with pictures of famous visitors. ”
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“-We live a couple minutes away from the *US Air Force Academy.* If they’re open up again, it’s free to tour and they have beautiful walking trails! People come from all over to see it! Just make sure to bring an id!”
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Loja de eletrônicos
“Just to your north about 20 minutes. Strip shopping with many home décor, clothing and restaurant options. This is on the way to the Air Force Academy which is another popular destination for sightseeing ”
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“Excellent chef menu with local ingredients. Large outdoor seating area. Great beer.”
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