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“The Saqsaywaman fortress watches over the valley where the city of Cusco is located. This archaeological center had the function of protecting the capital of the Inca Empire from any external attacker. It is for this reason that the photos that can be taken from its Andean terraces have no comparison! If you visit Cusco you have to go to Saqsaywaman. Saqsaywaman Fortress is only 15 minutes by taxi from the city of Cusco, it can be completely covered in just one hour and 30 minutes.”
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Local Histórico
“Qoricancha is a historic place in the center of the city . we recommend to visit this place because is a old Temple of the Incas . The architecture is very detailed and fine and inside you found Inca precincts used for the Andean ceremonies. the entrance costs 15 soles ( $5) . It is close to the city center and is a very old place near the city”
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“Historical main square with the cathedral built on top of an old Inca palace.”
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Local Histórico
“É simplesmente incrível ! A gente olha toda aquela cidade de pedra construída no alto da montanha e é difícil acreditar como tudo foi feito ! Deve-se ir em meses SEM chuva ! Sair de Cusco no trem com teto de vidro , com desfile de moda , comida e vendo e filmando os riachos cristalinos ( o trem vai lento e podemos filmar ou fotografar a maravilhosa paisagem ! ) , é como se os Andes falasse : Esses riachos cristalinos são MEUS porquê estão aqui protegidos pela altitude e às vezes pelo gelo ! É imperdível !”
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“It is a modern center comercial. there are many stores , restaurant ( fast food Mc Donald's, KFC , Popeyes) , cinema . You need take a taxi ( 15 min ) . Real Plaza is in the Cultura avenue .”
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“Best pisco sour in town (You should try Pisco Sour) All their cocktail and drinks in general are sooooo good!”
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Beer Garden
“It's a very nice place with the best view of all Cusco. There you can order typical Peruvian food and tasty drinks. Limbus Restobar is a place very popular in the city. At the weekend it's normally very full and you have to wait In the door until you get a place or you make a reservation. The drinks cost between 15- 25 Soles. Plates between 20-35 Soles. ”
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Feira de agricultura
“a traditional market, with more than 100 years of existence, a typical place where you will find vegetables, cold meat, lunch, flowers and traditional clothing ”
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Night Club
“Dance? this is a traditional cusquenian disco. Many kinds of music and people from all over the worl. Live music everyday. ”
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“ The museum has a collection of keros, textiles, mummies, tools, weapons and goldsmiths. It chronologically covers the history of Cusco from its beginnings to the twentieth century. The property of the museum is in charge of the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco”
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“Moray archeological center is very close to the salt mines of Maras, This was a complex of worship to the gods of the moon (Killa) and the sun (Inti) where special crops of corn and Andean grains were cultivated to give them as an offering to these gods and the priestly caste of the Inca Empire. Spectacular photos await you at Moray, an unmissable place!”
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“Las personas que asistan pueden conocer la gran variedad de danzas y trajes típicos que ofrece nuestra ciudad y alrededores, es una experiencia mágica en la ciudad. ”
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“For Vegans or those that are looking for some vegetables! A good selection of plates and a reasonable price.”
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“Traditional cusquenian food. Live shows. Share a dish, they are huge. (you can get a good guinean pig there) ”
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“Normally pizza in Peru is something you avoid. But at La Bodega, they have their own pizza interpretation that is so dang good. Good for couples to split a pizza. Also comes with a variety of sauces on the side. A good list of wine and beer too!”
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“The pink salt mines of Maras are unique throughout South America. They are the oldest continuously operating salt mine in the continent and still maintain the same form of work since the time of the Inca Empire. Certainly a place trapped in time”
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