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“Great place to take younger children, they can runaround and touch everything :-). ”
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“Food: wild mushroom pizza, basil fries, and sour cream cheese cake with basil ice cream for dessert. The basil ice cream is a must have! ”
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“It's just around the corner. You can play basketball, soccer, handball, and even enjoy the skateboard/bmx park rite next to it.”
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“Check out this museum and the largest hasidic population outside is Isreal along Eastern Parkway approximately 15 minutes away. This interactive museums is family friendly and adults are welcome to visit too ”
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“have you spent any time in brooklyn? a walk over one of the 3 bridges from lower manhattan take you 3 different areas. brooklyn bridge drops you near brooklyn heights where you can walk along the promenade, the manhattan bridge takes you to DUMBO, a formerly industrial area that’s now too expensive for ordinary people to live in, but has nice cafes and a killer view of manhattan. and the williamsburg bridge takes you back in time, to an area that is split between hipsters, orthodox jews and latinos. i grew up in nyc, but nowadays prefer brooklyn, as a lot of cultural stuff has moved there since NYC got too expensive. These days, brooklyn is the place to be! carol gardens is a mainly a residential area, but the shops on smith and carol streets which run parallel, give you a sense of what new york was like before. you will still find shoe repairs, hardware stores, pizza places still run by italians. ”
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“Innovative, handcrafted burgers pair with a variety of craft beers at this cool, upbeat locale.”
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“Anywhere along flatbush avenue you can catch a 2 dollar van that will take you anywhere along the full length of flatbush all the way downtown brooklyn. You just let them know when you want to get off and pay before you leave the van. Informal transportation service in brooklyn for the last three decades. You hail them down like a cab and you will know them by their unique honk on the road.”
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“Any and everything you will need that you forgot to pack can be found a few minutes walk from the studio.”
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“Huge grocery store with fishery, butcher, deli, fresh produce. Everything you need. Take a long walk there or a short Lyft, Uber ride over.”
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“Crown Heights is a young, vibrant, culturally-diverse neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn. What's unique about it: - a bustling avenue (Franklin) with tons of shops, bars & restaurants - plenty of subway access with the 2/3/4/5/A/C trains - proximity to Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens”
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“Plenty of beers on tap, starting at $5 for a pint. $2 off drafts for Happy Hour 2-7pm, Mon-Fri. This is a great place to chill and watch a game on the big screens.”
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“Retro nook with outdoor seating preparing Thai fusion mains & baked goods, plus coffee, beer & sake. Good lunch specials.”
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“It's also a bakery and restaurant. Closed on friday night and saturdays. Very good, homemade like food with almost all made fresh on site. Great menu variety.”
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“Largest park in Brooklyn. Beautiful place to get lost in nature, and history.”
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“This is the local stops 3 train into and from Manhattan however depending where in Manhattan or Brooklyn you need to get to you might be better off with this train.”
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