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Hamburgo: parques e natureza

“At Planten un Blomen you will find a variety of exotic and native plants. Highlights are the water light organ, the Japanese garden and the music pavilion.”
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“Literally doesn't feel like you're in a city. This park is so green and big.”
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“a very nice spot in Ottensen. vieew to the river & and chillout area in the summer. also nice for a run ;)”
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“Hier gibt's einen spektakulären Blick auf die Alster und Shopping ohne Ende. Ihr seht das herrschaftliche Hamburg in voller Pracht. In den Patrizierhäusern sind heute coole und teure Geschäfte, das Apple-Logo ist allgegenwärtig. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here you have a spectacular view of the Alster and endless shopping. You see the stately Hamburg in full splendour. In the patrician houses today are cool and expensive shops, the Apple logo is omnipresent.”
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“sprawling park with a cafe and an art museum in the middle. great for runs and walks”
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“It´s an alternative area. People come here to chill in the sun and have beers and barbecues. They also do yoga and different kind of sports there in small groups.”
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“the smallest park in Hamburg - perfect to have a beer with the harbor view ”
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“Amazing view right in front of the harbour. Having a little barbecue / bottle of wine and the world will be fine at this lovely place... Not a secret tip anymore and packed on the weekends but still nice though”
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“Hamburgs most beautiful park, perfect for an afternoon stroll or a weekend picnic.”
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“Play tabletennis in the park on public ping-pong-tables. There are 2 tables in Schanzenpark. Or in August-Lütgens Park. There is an online map with public ping-pong-tables if you google "Tischtennisplatten in Hamburg". Location Hafenklang offers free table tennis round run with punk-music every monday at 21:00.”
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“A huge park to go for long walks enjoy the nature and see some deers.. Me and my dog love it.. ”
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“Great place with a little lake to relax, hang out with friends, bbq, table tennis, walk around, do your workout, whatever you want. ”
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Dog Run
“Ruhiger sehr großer Park mit viel Wald und Wanderwegen. * Quiet very large park with a lot of forest and hiking trails.”
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“Beautiful park in the neighbourhood with access to the Alster. You can walk all the way down to the big Außenalster and will pass beautiful streets and Jugendstil villas.”
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“You can have a walk around the beautiful Alster lake in the center of the City. Or you use it as many others as the most frequented jogging trail in Europe for exercise.”
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“spazieren gehen und heimische Wildarten ansehen, außerdem ein tolles Freigehege, ein nur für Kinder zugängiges Kaninchengehege und ein toller Spielplatz ”
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