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“The Museum of the Revolution gathers material and collections related to the Cuban revolution. Former Presidential Palace, it was built between 1909 and 1920 to be the seat of the provincial government of Havana. President Mario García Menocal chose it to be the seat of the Executive. In 1974 it became the Museum of the Revolution and in 2010 it was declared a National Monument. Its more than 30 showrooms store around 9,000 pieces of different stages of the Cuban revolutionary struggle, lead by Fidel Castro. The exhibition rooms cover every stage of Cuban history. In the museum the actions of March 13 are set in their Palace stages. Even if you are not a person into politics, the architectural beauty of this building makes it worth a visit. The construction started in 1909 by initiative of General Ernesto Aubert , then governor of Havana. The project was carried out by the architects Rodolfo Maruri (Cuban) and Paul Belau (Belgian), while the construction phase was assumed by the General Contracting Company. The interior decoration was under the responsibility of Tiffany Studios. The building, designed from the canons of Eclecticism , took for its completion a budget that exceeded one and a half million pesos. Its floors and stairs were covered with Carrara marble. ”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“This place can be very busy. If you love tranquillity, then stay away. But if you are looking for the most genuine Havana's culture and vibe, then do not miss out. It has been very famous, since its foundation, for the Cuban typical dishes, i.e. black beans, fried pork chunks and fried banana. Ernest Hemingway made it popular for becoming a frequent client and a lover of the Mojito cocktail they offer.”
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Restaurante Cubano
“Home of the famous Daiquiri where Hemingway come every afternoon while he visit Havana. ”
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“Cuban and international arts!!! unique pieces from great masters to the most contemporary artists!!”
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Clube de Jazz
“Havana's most famous jazz club (The Vixen and the Crow) opens its doors nightly at 10pm to long lines of committed music fiends. Enter through a red British phonebox and descend into a diminutive and dark basement. The scene here is hot and clamorous and leans toward freestyle jazz.”
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“10minut en taxi,hacen dos conciertos al día, Matine con música en vivo comienza a las 18:00 y la noche del concierto (música en vivo) a las 24:00 ¡grupos de música cubana mundialmente famosos, fabuloso! Gran diversión muy frecuentada por cubanos. 10mints in taxi. two concerts a day, Matine with live music starts at 6:00 p.m. and the night of the concert (live music) at 12:00 p.m. world-famous, fabulous Cuban music groups! Great fun very frequented by Cubans. Fanno due concerti al giorno, Matine con musica dal vivo inizia alle 6:00 e la notte del concerto (musica dal vivo) alle 12:00 gruppi di musica cubana famosi in tutto il mondo, favolosi! Grande divertimento molto frequentato dai cubani.”
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“5minuti in taxi, fanno due concerti al giorno, la Matine con musica live inizia alle 18:00 e il concerto ( musica live) serale alle 24:00 gruppi musicali Cubani di fama mondiale ,favolosi ! grnade divertimento molto frequentato da Cubani. 5minuts to taxi, two concerts a day, the Matine with live music starts at 18:00 and the concert (live music) evening at 24:00 world famous Cuban music groups, fabulous! Great Fun, very frequented by Cubans.hacen dos conciertos al día, Matine con música en vivo comienza a las 18:00 y la noche del concierto (música en vivo) a las 24:00 ¡grupos de música cubana mundialmente famosos, fabuloso! Gran diversión muy frecuentada por cubanos.”
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“Only 10 minutes away by car is the best cabaret of the Caribbean .. El Tropicana is a cabaret in Havana, Cuba. It was launched on December 30, 1939 at the Villa Mina in Marianao and next door to El Colegio de Belen where Fidel Castro went to school. The Tropicana Cabaret is located in a lush, tropical garden six-acre estate.”
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Night Club
“Not a guest at the Hotel Nacional? No worries: you can still enjoy the splendidly vibrant and extravagant shows of the Parisien, Havana's renowned cabaret.”
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History Museum
“The biggest collection of Napoleon related objects in the Americas in a gorgeous renaissance style palace”
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Clube de Jazz
“Sophisticated & bright jazz club on the top floor of a shopping center, with bay views & Cuban fare.”
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Capitol Building
“The National Capitol Building (Capitolio Nacional de La Habana) is a public edifice and one of the most visited sites in Havana. The building was commissioned by Cuban president Gerardo Machado and built from 1926 to 1929 under the direction of architect Eugenio Rayneri Piedra. It is located on the Paseo del Prado Road in the exact center of Havana. According to its architect the inspiration for the cupola came from the Panthéon in Paris. The project began on April 1926. Construction was overseen by the U.S. firm of Purdy and Henderson. To finish its construction they needed more than 5000 workers, 3 years, 3 months and 20 days; as well as approximately 17 millions of American dollars". Inside of the main hall, under the cupola, is the Statue of the Republic (La Estatua de la República). The statue was cast in bronze in Rome in three pieces and assembled inside the building after its arrival in Cuba. It is covered with 22 carat (92%) gold leaf and weighs 49 tons. At 15 m (49 1⁄4 ft) tall, it was the second highest statue under cover in the world at the time, with only the Great Buddha of Nara being taller. Embedded in the floor in the centre of the main hall is a replica 25 carat (5 g) diamond, which marks Kilometer Zero for Cuba's National Highway. The original diamond, said to have belonged to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and have been sold to the Cuban state by a Turkish merchant. Prior to the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the Congress was housed in the building. The Congress was abolished and disbanded following the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the building fell into disrepair. As of 2013, the Government of Cuba has been slowly restoring the building for use once again as the home of Cuba's National Assembly. A visit to this building is very recommended.”
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Restaurante Cubano
“A restaurant by day and a club by night. Excellent drinks, good music and always fun. It gets crowded on weekends”
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“Open to the public, it is one of the most visited tourist centers of the city, having become one of the architectural icons of Havana, and is usually considered the most imposing building in the city. It is named by some experts as one of the six most important palaces in the world.”
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Museu de Arte
“Do you want to have an idea of ​​the splendors of before the revolution? Visit this house. Take the opportunity to say hello to the synagogue friends next door. Walk to Coppelia for a glimpse of the Vedado district. Go to the gardens of the Hotel Nacional for an aperitif and return to the old town by the Malecon. You will be exhausted but satisfied and will jump on your meal!”
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“The Acuario Nacional de Cuba opened on January 23, 1960, with just 13 fish tanks in place, but it gave visitors the opportunity to see several fish and sea invertebrate creatures. The number of tanks increased, giving room to new species until 1973, a year that was marked by the arrival of Silvia, a seal that became the most popular creature among visitors. Later, in the 80s, a show was introduced with two dolphins, Diana and Ciclón.”
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