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Coisas para fazer em Heraklion

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

History Museum
“The famous museum is considered one of the most important in Europe and its exhibits include representative samples from all periods of prehistory and history of Crete, covering about 5,500 years. You will admire the frescoes of the Taurokathampions, the Phaistos Disc, the Princess with the Lilies, the Crocodilers and the Blue Bird. In August 2013 the new wing was opened with exhibits ranging from the Geometric, Archaic and Classical times to the Roman era.”
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Cretan Restaurant
“23 mins - Central Heraklion - unique variety of organic dishes, fabulously prepared and served by knowledgeable and friendly staff. ”
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Science Museum
“The Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) in Heraklion, is a natural history museum that operates under the auspices of the University of Crete. Its aim is the study, protection and promotion of the diverse flora and fauna of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The museum is based in a restored industrial building that used to house an electricity power plant. (Wiki)”
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“The Koules is a fortress located at the entrance of the old port of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. It was built by the Republic of Venice in the early 16th century, and is still in good condition today. Many people go there to walk, run , bike or take their dogs for a walk. If you want to see it from the inside I think there is a ticket you have to pay. Otherwise you can see it from the outside and have a walk at the port.”
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History Museum
“The Historical Museum of Crete was founded by the Society of Cretan Historical Studies in 1953, following the issue of a Ministry of Culture permit to establish a museum collection. The Museum was initially housed in the Andreas and Maria Kalokerinos House (1903), a listed neoclassical building granted by the A. & M. Kalokerinos Foundation in accordance with the donor’s wishes. The Museum was founded and is run by the Society of Cretan Historical Studies, with the aim of preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of Crete from early Byzantine times to the modern era. This aim has been achieved gradually, by the collection, purchase and donation of artefacts, together with artefacts on long term loan from the Ministry of Culture. From its beginnings, the Historical Museum of Crete has been animated by a pioneering spirit. Successive extensions to the museum and recent re-displays, using contemporary perceptions in museology and new media applications, have contributed to creating a lively, up-to-date, visitor-friendly museum. The HMC now offers a composite view of Cretan history and art from the early Christian centuries to the 20th century. Temporary exhibitions cover a wide span, ranging from Byzantine to modern art, showcasing key literary figures in Greece (Elytis, Kazantzakis), and presenting major historical events from the late 19th century to the Second World War. At the same time, our educational programmes are constantly being enriched. Offered free of charge, they are a creative source of knowledge relating to the Museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. Lectures, symposia, film shows and book presentations held in the amphitheatre add to activities at the Historical Museum of Crete, rendering it an outgoing, multi-faceted cultural organization.”
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Monumento / ponto turístico
“One of the most famous attractions in Heraklion city. Built during Venetian times (13th-17th century) for dealing with Heraklion's lack of water problem. The most common place to meet for locals.”
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“A park where local farmers sell they products every Saturday if it is not raining. It is a space full of trees where you can drink your coffee under the old oats.”
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Praça de Pedestres
“It is the high street of the city which locates the most famous clothing shops of the city”
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“An excellent bar in the city center of the town. Superb Cocktails and good music.”
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Fish Taverna
“f you have an appetite for fish this is the place to go. Best quality of seafood on the seaside next to Kules castle. First choice for locals for over 20 years. ”
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“A complex with shops , cafes and movie theatres 10 minutes walk from the west coastline of the city”
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“the must see of the city of Iraklion or i could say of the island... the Palace of Knossos !”
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“fresh, great tastes, greek hospitality, big plates, lovely view of the Venetian port and Koule castle”
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“busy place but they serve the best coffee in Heraklion. they have a very interesting beer list, too.”
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“The best salads and meat in Heraklion. Don't forget to taste the dessert. New restaurant in 30 Agios Tito’s in the city center.”
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“Saint Minas is the city's cathedral. Interesting if you are into religious tourism. Behind the church there is a nice square where you can have a coffee. Also visit the small old church next to the cathedral and Saint Katherine's church on the back side.”
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