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Hunter Region: parques e natureza

“The garden was created by Bill Roche over four years. (Roche Group / pharmaceuticals). The Garden consists of ten theamed display gardens. Annual events include Christmas Lights Spectacular, Snow Time in winter and Mega Creatures during the school holidays. shopping village, weddings ”
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“Get up close and comfortable with our native animals. Koalas kangaroos emus lizards birds. Daily koala feeding at 2 PM. Picnic areas barbecues children’s playgrounds”
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“The views of the beaches and history of our Anzacs are displayed along this bridge”
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“A favourite place for all our family - walks safe swimming at Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay , restaurants , fresh seafood Whale watching -just a wonderful place to either travel 1 1/2 hours or have as another holiday destination or next stop over heading up the Coast ! Our coast has some much to offer 😀”
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“Take a bicycle ride, do a scenic walk, take a jog this place is absolutely beautiful it is a must see when coming to Newcastle if you like nature”
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“Stunning 360 degree views of Newcastle can be seen from here especially when the whales are on the move”
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Porto / Marina
“Beautiful Marina with some great restaurants, playground and many options to go Dolphin watching or jet skiing. ”
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“If bushwalking is your thing this will give you a great taste of the local mountains”
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“Fantastic panoramic views. I can organise a guided Beach & Bay Tour for a nominal fee, so you get a local's perspective.”
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National Park
“Scone is one of the major entry points into the Barrington Top National Park: The drive from Scone to Gloucester via the Barrington Tops Forest Road involves a 148 km drive from Scone via the tiny settlements Gundy, Belltrees, Moonan Flat, Rawdon Vale, Copeland and Barrington. The drive - with a substantial stretch on dirt road - has a number of places of interest along the way. Here are the highlights as the road traverses the "tops" from Scone.”
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“Walk from unit to Newcastle Beach then around coast to Nobbys for lunch or a picnic. ”
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“Great for a Picnic. King Edward Park was dedicated as a recreation reserve in 1863. Within the grounds was a bowling green and the Obelisk, built as a navigational marker in 1850; the focal point is a Victorian rotunda. The park has spectacular ocean views, Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden usually ablaze of colour. On the southern boundary are the remains of the Shepherds Hill Battery and Gunner's Cottage which were in regular use from 1890 to World War II. The park also has links with Newcastle's penal past, with the Bogey Hole (or convict hewn ocean bathing pool) at the foot of the eastern cliff face. A popular place for family picnics and barbecues, and now a movie venue in summer”
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“A short (5 minute) walk with great food and beautiful views of Lake Macquarie. Best time is lunch or dinner during daylight saving. ”
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“If you want to sit back relax look at Oceanview’s Sand Junes watch the camel rides have a nice meal this is the place to come”
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“Has a cellar door plus hosts large international and national artists concerts on the extensive grounds of the estate.”
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“Right next to Forster, Booti Booti National Park is comprised of an 8km penninsula between the ocean and a lake, complete with pristine beaches and rainforests. Explore the landscape on a day trip.”
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