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Best things to do in Innsbruck

Local Histórico
“Description Innsbruck's most famous landmark shines in the heart of the historic old town. The splendid alcove balcony gets its name from the 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles that adorn the roof. The building has reigned over medieval houses and shady arcades for over 500 years. It was built by Emperor Maximilian who very much enjoyed the view: from there he would look down over the colourful hustle and bustle of his city, watch jousting tournaments and be revered from below. The shining golden roof can be seen on entering the historic old town but it is also well worth taking a look up close. The structure below the roof is richly adorned with a wide variety of figures and images, including many curiosities. Bare facts and a love triangle An exposed backside sticks prominently out from the Golden Roof. Admittedly, it is only a few centimetres in size and it belongs to one of the many figures set below the roof. Why bare facts? This question remains unanswered and is one of the many mysteries that surround the landmark. Maybe the revenge of medieval craftsmen who weren't paid? We can only speculate. The front of the structure is decorated with a man and two wives: Emperor Maximilian is portrayed next to his wife of the time Bianca Maria Sforza. He didn't like her much, however, and that is why his first wife – Maria von Burgund – also looks out from the relief. Another eye-catcher: Small men with twisted limbs. They are morisco dancers, who were effectively the breakdancers of the Middle Ages. The Golden Roof is a must-see for anyone visiting Innsbruck. Come to the historic old town and see for yourself. You can't miss it. In the adjoining museum, you can immerse yourself in the time of Emperor Maximilian. Opening times Opening times May to September: Monday to Saturday 10 am – 5 pm October to April: Tuesday to Sunday 10 am – 5 pm Closed in November”
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Souvenir Shop
“If you are interested in the medieval time, thats's the place for you to visit. ”
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“Every kid in Tyrol was there. It's a wonderful small zoo with animals from the alps. Most hapitats were remade in the last years and it's really woth visiting!”
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Casa de Shows
“Great bar and music venue! Great bar scene, sort of alternitave, good mixed crowd, very LOCAL spot. Culture hub. The barfood is very good and cheap , as well as the wine and beers! a MUST ”
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“The beutiful summer castle of Maria Theresia, a must see right in the centre. Many other things to see around there too, just stop in at Innsbruck Info point and grab some tickets and a map!”
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“One of the local favorites for rooftop bars. You stand on top of the town hall and enjoy anything from beer & wine to longdrinks or cocktails. The place is rather small and narrow, which is why I do not recommend this place to bigger groups.”
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“Take the elevator to the 12th floor to enjoy food and drinks either inside or out on a terrace. If you walk one level higher you can find a temporarily opened rooftop bar with a 360° view around the valley!”
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“Bar, music, joung people, nice food (I reccomend you the falafel sandwich!)”
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“Very historic place. Definitely worth a visit and you can combine it with the Ski-Jumping ramp.”
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Restaurante do Leste Europeu
“Very famous for students, best days are tuesday (during university), friday and saturday”
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“ It has plenty kinds of craftbeers which are very tasty in an nice atmosphere”
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“Popular restaurant amongst locals. Regional and organic products. Local cuisine.”
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“One of my favourite cafes because they sell the best berry cake and hot chocolate. It's directly in front of the Golden Roof. In summer you can sit outside. Sometimes you can watch weddings from here.”
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“Very nice museum with lots of historic Tyrolean items in it. Gives a very good overview about the past times. Very recommended by a lot of tourists!”
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“THE most popular Irish pub in Innsbruck! That's where all the students meet for a drink after a long day.”
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