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Best things to do in Isere

“ Si vous n'êtes pas fans d'art, entrez au moins dans la très jolie cour, reposante (gratuit) / Museum of Arts - if you're not a fan, at least enter (for free) the nice and quite courtyard”
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Science Museum
“A personal favorite. The newest Lyon museum has changing temporary exhibitions covering both ethnology and natural history. The location is right at the meeting point of the Saone and Rhone rivers. Family-friendly with lots to see on any given day. Do not miss going to the terrasse on the top floor. Easily accessible by bicycle or public transport (Tram T1 stop). Closed on Mondays, open late on Thursdays.”
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Bar de Vinhos
“Marché couvert aux produits exceptionnelles à ramener pour cuisiner ! Covered market with outstanding products to bring back and cook ! ”
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“Nice to have an idea of the french way life with all these miniature scene. The cinema part could impress younger children, be carefull.”
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Science Museum
“With a unique architecture of a crystal cloud, the museum offers very interesting expos on history, science and art”
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Museu de Arte
“Collections temporaires de qualité, collections permanentes de niveau international”
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History Museum
“Very interesting musée, on the local arts and crafts of Lyon. You will see masterpieces of architecture, clothes, instruments and many more. There's a rooftop bar too ;)”
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Museu de Arte
“Great museum with parking underneath and the restaurant is very good (Le 5)”
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Casa de Shows
“Adepte de musique électro, ils ont un roof top sensationnel ! // Adept of electro music, they have a sensational roof top!”
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“Cinéma d'art et d'essai, prix raisonnables! assorti d'un bar/restaurant :) Movie theater, films are in original language + there is a nice wine bar/restaurant”
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Loja de chocolate
“You'll taste amazing chocolates and watch how they are made from scratch. Wonderful place !”
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Beer Garden
“Grand bar, night club, restaurant, fast food qui touche le métro de Gerland”
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“une autre des péniches au bord du Rhône, des concerts certains soirs + danse les autres soirs / a bar on a barge on the Rhône, concerts on some evenings and dancing ”
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“A place to learn and discover the historical people of Grenoble and their lifestyle, the olympics, Japanese art and French history.”
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“Beautiful setting and really fascinating tour of the old "Chateau Lumière"... make sure you have a good 90 minutes.”
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“Edifice construit en 1850, le casino d'Aix les Bains est un lieu emblématiques de la ville thermal.”
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