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Best things to do in Istambul

“Moda Sahnesi was formed by local actors from the Kadıköy neighborhood. The building, which was built as a cinema, now acts as a theatre that also shows independent films. ”
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Cultural Center
“Surrounded by historical mansions in an emerald green environment, UNIQ Istanbulis located in the city’s most important finance and commerce district Maslak. www.uniqistanbul.com www.vwarena.com”
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Sala de cinema independente
“A smaller theater right across the street from Atlas in Halep Pasaji. One of the main theaters for the International Film Festival in April.”
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“This is not just a cinema but a multi floor shopping mall with local and international brands, many cafes/restaurants and a cinema complex.”
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“This is another meeting point for the pubs and bars. Located in the entrance of Kadıköy Barstreet.”
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“shopping mall w cafes and eateries and a cinema..walking distance about 7-8min on foot..”
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