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Best things to do in Jamaica

Museu de Arte
“Great place to learn about the music legend Bob Marley and the impact he has had on our country ”
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“Want to take a break from the city? Head towards the North Coast which is graced with some of the island’s best beaches and rivers. Just an hour drive by highway. ”
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“Ready for an awesome and memorable, day or Club night.. Margarita Ville it is! Try the best Margaritas made in Jamaica, learn the newest Jamaican dance moves and Lingos, also enjoy a 150 ft long slide, collect Jamaican rums and crafts?”
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Restaurante Caribenho
“A Fun place to hang out, drink, eat swim or even lay on the beach, right at the cruise port in Island Village. Good entertainment ( sometimes concerts) and a very busy place on ship days and chill when there is no ships ”
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Casa de Shows
“In addition to good meals, they have a fashion show on Wednesday nights. Also a dance hall starting at 11. Ladies night before 11 on Friday night.”
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Bar de Esportes
“Name says it and great food Usain Bolts Place , great ambiance and nice pics!”
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“A little pricey but they have everything here, its a fun spot for tourists and locals alike. They have local food, salads, burgers and fresh fish, as well as great cocktails There is also something going on every night from live music to DJ's/club as well as Karaoke.”
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“just a few minutes away, upstairs of CPJ Market, open air, great for liming with friends or to make new friends ”
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Galeria de arte
“See works of some of Jamaica's Iconic artists over the centuries. Discover the influences that have impacted our culture and art. It sits on Kingston Harbour so you can enjoy a visit to Victoria Pier as well and sample our coffee, eat at Gloria's”
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“Premium hangout spot for many Jamaicans, they offer delectable drinks and food. Perfect place for nightlife fun.”
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“Are you into Dancehall, want to listen to some local music, enjoy a drink and dance - on Saturdays there is a dancehall night in this location with a cover charge of 1000JMD”
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Night Club
“Head out early and enjoy a day out in the beautiful Negril. This Margaritaville location has the best beach and view on the island. There are lots of activities and beach toys available for your enjoyment. Friday’s are great you can swim all day and enjoy the club like affair in the evening. Daytime is more appropriate for children and families. No cover charge during daytime regular operating hours. ”
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“kingston's premiere night club. if you're into the more youthful night club vibe this is definitely the spot 4 u”
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Night Club
“ John Crows is a sports bar with an awesome patio space and friendly staff offering their specialty pizza, chips, chicken, fish and curried goat are some of their popular dishes.”
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“YES!! this is my spot. nestled in the cool hills of kingston overlooking the city set to a back drop of vintage jamaican dub music and a diverse crowd mix you'll never see anywhere else in jamaica. this is a must”
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“Visit Bob Marley's birth place and experience live music in the Rastafarian village”
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