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Coisas para fazer em Joshua Tree

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

“10 min drive from house- This is a great place to grab a beer, some fries and play pool. Perfect stop when shopping in downtown Joshua Tree with friends.”
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Tourist Information Center
“Be sure to stop by the visitor center, especially if it’s your first visit to the National Park.”
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Lugar para tomar café da manhã
“Crossroads is the best place to get food in Joshua Tree. They have Eggs Benedict that is to die for on the weekends, and smoked meats every night. Try the Mike's Mess if you're there for breakfast -- you won't be disappointed! :)”
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Restaurante vegetariano / vegano
“Fresh organic, locally-sourced vegetarian wraps, salads, sandwiches, and smoothies. Open daily, 7 am-7 pm.”
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“Delicious pizza. Lots of choices. Must have. Get in line early for dinner or call in early for take out. It’s worth the wait. ”
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“Pick up a great cup of local coffee right here and take a bag home to family and friends for share. ”
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Restaurante Indiano
“10 min drive from house- If people in your party can’t choose between Indian or Italian (pizza) this is the spot for you. Both cuisine’s are surprisingly good. ”
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Point of Interest
“Saturday morning 8am to 12noon, check the local farmer market out. You can get all you need for the week’s stay. Fun to stroll and look as well. ”
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“For a hearty breakfast, absolutely delicious. The best people ever. I lost my wallet there, and the owner and staff kept it for me all day and was planning to mail it to me when I went back to get it. So kind! ”
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Restaurante Tailandês
“Yes, you can indeed have good Thai food in the high desert and you need not look farther than ‘downtown’ Joshua Tree. More authentic than you’d ever expect. Check out the lunch specials. ”
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Museu de Arte
“So totally wacky, so completely JTree. Make a stop to check it out and you will have lots to talk about. ”
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“Fun and funky souvenir and gift shop. I like to spend time looking through their book selection. They also carry some camping supplies. Good cheap showers available for the weary traveler.”
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Atletismo e esportes
“Located in downtown Joshua Tree at The Starlite. Joshua Tree's landmark ironclad buildings, topped with a classic, retro star sign. Instant Karma has the perfect yoga class for you, whether you have practiced yoga for many years or have never tried yoga. Join the 15.8 million people who have found the benefits of yoga. Which include, lower stress, reduced back pain, increased flexibility, strength and better heart and lung function. ”
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Galeria de arte
“Joshua Tree Art Gallery is a Co-operative Fine Art Gallery featuring the best of high-desert Painting, Sculpture and Photography.”
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“Filled with tinctures, apothecary and all smells of the desert. This place will have you feeling refreshed and able to bring a taste of the desert home through scent,”
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“A really fun gas station converted to a coffee/gift shop. Home to the Wonder Valley oil shop and well as a ton of vintage and gift items along with sandwiches, cold drinks, and coffee. ”
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