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Best things to do in Lake Kawaguchi

“It's the best my favorite spot. Because I worked restaurant in the museum park. That is 8 years. I learned many good things from this museum. There are not only music, article environment, scenery water viewing, flowers, woods, air... All of things give you what you are felt art. This museum was opened by UKAI. That is a famous company that is operating high-end restaurants. but now, this is operated different company. There are a lot of old valuable music device and sound things. For example, singing bird cage, very big auto orchestrions, very unique automata babble bear, etc.. There are collected by Sadao Ukai who was produced this museum and founder of UKAI. But there are interesting things without them. Many concerts program is played. There are planed by working staff of new museum company. I am feeling new wave. I am known that important thing is evolution and mind for keep heritage. I have Special Ticket of partnership to the museum. If weather is wrong. I recommend you the music museum "Kawaguchiko music forest". You can enjoy many activities.”
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Transit Station
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“Interesting cave made by local people to get the water from lake, when the water shortage happened.”
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