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De passeios turísticos a pérolas escondidas, descubra o que há de único na cidade com a ajuda dos moradores locais que a conhecem melhor.

“Timanfaya is the symbol of Lanzarote. You can drive through the park many landscapes with your car on the normal road (dir. Yaiza). If you have more time, you can book a guided tour in the very heart of the national park (very touristic so expect a lot of people). You will have to leave your car at the entrance and join the tour's bus through the moon-like lava and the vulcano's calderas. Note it is not allowed to walk/hike/bike in that part of the park.”
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“Toda la zona norte es maravillosa para trekking y ver la Obra de César Manrique”
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“Cueva de los Verdes, a natural cave several kilometers long, impressive being in the bowels of the island, here also lays "The Secret of Lanzarote"”
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“Many retail and food stores. Parking is nearby on street, or underground. ”
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“You can go to Mirador del Rio over and over, any time, any day and always be blown away by the view ! It is not necessary to go inside the panoramic café (paying entrance), just park along the road a little bit further.”
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“Good on a rainy day. Plenty of shops. Bowling alley and cinema on top floor. ”
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“Jardín de Cactus was the last intervention work César Manrique performed in Lanzarote. The artist from Lanzarote could see beyond how run down the ancient rofera was. Roferas were the quarries that raids are taken from to create a very particular home for cactaceae flowers from all over he world. Surrounded by the largest cactus plantation of the island, dedicated to crops of cochineal insect, a product of great financial relevance in Lanzarote in the 19th Century. Jardín de Cactus has around 4,500 specimens of 450 different species, of 13 different families of cactus from the five continents. The green shade of the plants stands out against the blue sky and the dark volcano creating a harmonious explosion of colour that impresses visitors. The only sounds that break the peace and quiet that prevails, are singing birds and boozing insects, enjoying their very own oasis. High volcanic ash monoliths, that maintain the memory of years gone by, challenging plants from America, Africa and Oceania. At the top, on a small hill, windmills can be seen on the horizon, still standing, where Canarian cornmeal was ground dating back to the 19th Century.”
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National Park
“Timanfaya, This national park offers the less a peculiar landscape, highly recommended see, advice, go early in the morning because sometimes queue is formed to enter the natural reserve.”
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“Beaches Of Papagayo, south of the island, are a series of coves small beaches known as “calas”. These are near Playa Blanca, highly recommended, there is almost always good weather, depending of the time of the year some of the “calas” may be a bit crowed but usually it as really nice place to be and spend the whole day.”
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Museu de Arte
“Cesar Manrique had a great influence on the Island for conservation and building regulations.”
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“House of Cesar Manrique, house-museum of artist César Manrique in Tahiche, the architectural concept is quite similar to Jameos del Agua. It is very interesting to see how trying to integrate your own home with nature.”
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“Lovely especially for children to see the great number of different types of birds and wild animals as well as a dolphin show.”
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Surf Spot
“Famara beach, north of the island, is a long beach, wide, under a great cliff and next to a very peculiar village. I highly recommend visiting this beach, be aware of the weather because on this beach (that is on the north of the island) weather is not allways good, also try to be careful with tides as some times is quite strong.”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“Uno de los mejores restaurantes de Playa Blanca, con comida típica canaria, pescado y marisco fresco. One fo the best restaurants in Playa Blanca, typical Canarian food, fresh fish and seafood.”
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“Mirador del Rio, the views from el “mirador del rio” are my particular favorite.it is for me one of the most beautiful places on the island, offers a view from the top of the cliff of famara where we can see the Archipelago Chinijo, on a clear day is an impressive sight.”
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“Stunning Food! Barbecue, Steakhouse, European, Argentinian, Vegetarian Friendly. Friendly Staff! Great Atmosphere!”
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