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Parques e natureza em Makati

Os melhores parques

“It’s a place to be for relaxed dining options, as well as green open spaces to enjoy jogging, brist walking, picnic with family and catching up with friends.”
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“That big roundabout that doubles as a local park is a common meeting point for local four legged friends. See the variety of local pooches (for dog lovers) as they stroll with their human-carers :)”
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“An area with many different bars and restaurants for people who are looking for a more laid back night out.”
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“This is good for food buddy’s and eat amazing Filipino foods with amazing price”
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“Lush garden architecture surrounded by many shops and restaurants with ponds, church and relaxing atmosphere. Ayala Center, Makati Avenue, Makati ”
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“If you like to have a bench where you could read a book, a space to meditate, or simply be around plants, you might want to visit the Washington Sycip Park. The park also contains a pond, and the landscape could brighten up your hectic day. It is a street away from Mosaic Tower. ”
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“Small garden in the middle of the city. Great place to spend time with families and friends. Tons of restaurants and bars nearby. ”
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“The concrete pathways of Legazpi Active Park make it a suitable place for joggers who choose to keep fit. Aside from the grass where one can sprawl on a yoga mat, there is also a playground corner kiddies can play. Legazpi Active Park is located right beside Washington Sycip Park. ”
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“Missing your dogs or you fancy a quick run, this place is the one of the best to run and meet some furry friends. be sure to come early though. 7 am to 8 am is a good time :) ”
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