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De passeios turísticos a pérolas escondidas, descubra o que há de único na cidade com a ajuda dos moradores locais que a conhecem melhor.

“The so-called MoMA of Mexico City, the building was designed by David Chipperfield. The museum’s permanent collection includes pieces by Gabriel Orozco, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. Free admission on Sundays. ”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“The history of El Parnita is local and familiar, The Martinez Acra family created a homey space void of pretense, where the specialties include tacos both innovative and satisfying. ”
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“Trendy park, rigth here you could have and encounter with some famous TV-novelas actors. Little park in the middle of the town. Located in the heart of Colonia Condesa, this green spot is a must in your visit to the town. It's calm and has a relaxed vibe most days of the week, but weekends usually is crowded but with a joyful atmosphere. There is a kid's area and an outdoor gym where people used to do calisthenics. There's free WiFi.”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“AMAZING PLACE & Good food. In the open-air courtyard of the 17th-century Downtown Mexico Hotel sits the charming Azul Historico, potentially one of the best restaurants in the city. With tall spindly trees, rough-hewn tables, and women making tortillas by hand in the corner, it's a pleasant place for a relaxing late lunch while in the Historic Center. Traditional Mexican food, like spicy and chile-laden "mole negro de oaxaca" is legendary, while the "cochinita pibil" is a classic. There are no wild flourishes here, just well-executed, elegant plates, try the enchiladas in a mild chipotle sauce filled with hibiscus flowers, the same ones used to make the tangy Jamaica drink.”
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“One of the biggest and best aquariums in the world ! It's underground and fascinating !”
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“The main Catholic temple of the country, originally built in XVI century and then rebuilt in XVII century, on the remains of an Aztec temple destroyed for the construction of it during the Colony. Historic and architectural interest as well as a cult center.”
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Sala de cinema independente
“It is a small cinema , you can take some drinks or pizza and grab art movies, at 7pm.”
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“De los museos actuales, quizás el de mejor museografía. Duro por los temas que trata, tanto extranjeros como nacionales: Guerras, Persecuciones, Matanzas, Intolerancia Racial. Lo recomiendo bastante. One of the best modern museums, hard because of its content: Wars, Crime, Homophobia Human Rights. Great museography. Fun to watch the boys and girls doing choreographies in the mirror windows of the building next door. No idea why they do it! All the buildings that used to be in this area were destroyed by the earthquake of 1985...by the way.”
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Restaurante Mexicano
“Great choice for lunch in the city center, serving traditional Mexican dishes. More than 100 years old, Diego Rivera got married for the first time here, and the city's famous rock band Cafetacuba named themselves after this place. ”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“#11 of the 50 best bars in the world, Limantour is considered the ideal for cocktails, so much so that its mixologists train others across the capital. Tons of cocktail connoisseurs flock here to see the art in action, but it's also popular with a generally trendy crowd. Bartenders mix up creative Mexican-infused takes on classic cocktails, and the food, a varied selection of small plates like seafood tostadas and Spanish-style potatoes. There are two locations, Roma and Polanco.”
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“Linked to history of Intelectuals and famous Mexican painters (Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo)”
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“Try to be there at 7am or 8am so you can see some animals, later is almost imposible.”
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“Top notch! Very good pastries, sandwiches, and drinks. They have high quality products. Highly recommended to go here. They will get you hooked. There is both take out and eat in options. Amazing bread, everything is delicious in this restaurant. Long line but so worth the wait. Get the guava roll. Rosetta's pastries are light and flakey and moist and rich where they should be. The selection is an effective take on French classics with a local twist. Probably the best bakery in town.”
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“One of the best gourmet mexican dinner places nearby. Only by appointment, check the prices before booking.”
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“Feel like shopping? This brand new mall has everything you need from apparel, shoes, Mac Store, coffee, ice creams, restaurants and even cinema!! ”
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“Fantastic place to visit! Lots of food stands/restaurants to choose from and visually beautiful”
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