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Mitte: as melhores lojas

“This is the second mall in the direct surrounding of the appartment. Here you could find even more fashion labels, clothing stores, handbags -, shoes -, watches and jewelry stores, a high-tech store (Saturn), many restaurants with international quisine of different class, as well as two grocery stores (Edeka and Aldi - Discounter), two large art supply stores, sports wear stores, a bank office of the national bank - Sparkasse, a fitness gym with swimming pool and many more. Enjoy!”
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Loja de variedades
“The Alexa Shopping Mall is centrally located in the City East near Alexanderplatz. Therefore it is easy to reach by public transport. Besides, Alexa is one of the largest shopping centres in Berlin and the biggest shopping centre in the City East. Alexa opened in 2007 and with its red concrete façade it is highly visible in between the other, mainly prefab panel housing estates around Alexanderplatz. By the use of red concrete, golden porches and basically no windows the architects' aim was to create an art déco building. ”
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“One of the two large malls in the area and closest to the appartment, just 5 mins away by foot. Among many clothing labels and restaurants, you can find REWE (grocery store), DM (sanitary and cosmetics shop), Douglas (perfumerie shop), a post office, bankomats and many more.”
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Loja de departamento
“Great selection for beverages and food. Only just a bit more expensive than a normal grocery store.”
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“Three floors of books and related items such as a well stocked DVD department. A pleasant place to browse and read. Well worth the visit.”
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“A small space full of wonder! A great place with well-curated art design and architecture books and magazines. Always a go to when I come to Berlin and I'm never disappointed. A must if you're a design book fanatic like I am”
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“Coffee, cakes, newspapers and magazines! There is a working area during the week, if you need a place to get some work done.”
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Loja de roupas
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“They have a huge selection of quality used English-language books, all organized by category. The staff are also very knowledgeable and helpful--if the title you're looking for isn't in stock, they'll order it!”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“The owner of this well-known vintage shop (no, his name is not Paul..it's Frank) started his business over ten years ago at the Oderberger Strasse. Nowadays, Paul's Boutique comprises of four different buildings: a streetwear department, a shop focused on designer brands and another store in Mitte with a mix of new and vintage items on stock. The streetwear shop is called 'The Mothership' by insiders, and its walls and shelves are filled with Frank's toy robots, boomboxes, and Star Wars Collectibles (not for sale, unfortunately). It's a good place to hunt for vintage sneakers, used denim, t-shirts, and jackets. Pick up your vintage designer pieces a few doors down at Goo, or dig through used shoes, sunglasses and jewelry at Chapter Mitte.”
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Men's Store
“Soto Store is a mens concept store, located in Berlin Mitte. International designers are carried in store, including Band of Outsiders, Opening Ceremony, Nike ...”
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Record Shop
“With a second branch on Friedelstrasse this is the record store for electronic music - run by Erlend Oye”
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“German and english books and magazines. Coffe shop. The concept store for advanced reading focuses on the complex possibilities of contemporary reading. The space combines a cafe area with an unfolding cascade of bookshelves that challenge the customer’s perception and help to discover all the gems that the store has to offer. ”
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Loja de roupas
“Here you can find more unique women's and men's clothes. The area around offers further unique shopping opportunities.”
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“A fashion store and cafe at the ground floor of the Soho House in Berlin. Great food and drinks, nice slightly upmarket vibe to meet for a bite, shop for something expensive but cool, or it is also a great spot to work because they have massive tables and free wifi. It's a bit of a freelancer hangout and very international. ”
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“This excellent designer vintage store has now migrated to a street-side shop front. Mulackstrasse is full of expensive designer boutiques and Das Neue Schwarz (which translates as 'the new black') is a great alternative for those looking for a (relative) bargain.”
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