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Best things to do in Mont-Tremblant

“For the outdoor lovers there is nothing that is missing in the national park, the oldest in Quebec. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, there is even a via ferrata for easy rock climbing. The views are spectacular.”
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Night Club
“This is a small venue with big atmosphere. One of the well known spots to have a good time.”
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“Local brewery! Best beer you will get at the resort! Famillies more than welcomed!”
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Ski Area
“While you're staying with us, you should absolutely check out the village and resort of Mont-Tremblant. Whether you ski in the winter, hike in the summer, or simply want to walk around, it's a really fun place to be! There are plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and you can even eat maple taffy on snow all year round. Just be aware that it's a little pricy, plus they charge an extra resort tax on everything in the village. For some adventures, you can do high-ropes courses or zipline above the trees. There's even one at the top of the mountain! Let us know if you want more information on adventures. We can send you a full list. ”
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“Our complex has great amenities to relax, however, if you are in the mood for a massage and a thermal experience, Spa Scandinave is a great haven of relaxation. You can spend hours here just taking in the baths and lounges. ”
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“Worth the detour if all your guests are 18 years old or older. Usually good entertainment on weekends and top floor patio on second floor is a great place to have a drink and contemplate nature. Also nice if you are a gambler, this is a first rate casino but tucked away in nature.”
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Restaurante Fast Food
“A great day retreat to the mountains just 1.5 hours from Montreal, lets you experience our lakes, forests, mountains and nature.”
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Point of Interest
“Come here for bsnow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, walking around, hiking and wildlife (rental equipment available). ”
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“We tend to eat on the pub side (St.G), but the restaurant side is also really cool. As for the pub, you can find the best burgers around and you'll be surrounded by locals. The restaurant (Le Grill) is the upscale version, providing a larger menu.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“This large grocery chain has everything you need including meat section, bakery section, wine and beer, deli etc. ”
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“Delicious, authentic Quebcoise food in this cozy, authentic chalet. You will feel like you are eating in your mom's kitchen, only the food is much better! Delicious wine selection and meats. ”
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“At the base of the mountain near the ski lift, this place has great atmosphere and good food.”
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“Great place to grab a good sandwich and soup! Comes with the best salsa and tortilla chips! Healthy choice to have lunch!!”
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“Grocery store, pharmacy, doctors office/clinic, liquor store, cheese shop and bakery.”
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“One of the BEST pizzas you can find in Mont-Tremblant. Such a variety of Fresh ingredients, enjoyed by the whole family. Always friendly staff ready to accomodate.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Small Grocery store located in the Old Village, about a 7 minute drive form the mountain.”
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