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“They offer breakfasts, snacks, burgers and the best craft beers in the country. Located in Pocitos, the house is a typical example of the "belle epóque" of the 20th century, in time of growth of the bourgeois, who enjoyed a material prosperity and had free time to hold parties and meetings in its spacious rooms. At MBC they recover this tradition of social gatherings, which in the 21st century were called "afters" or "priors". It is also the ideal place for university students because of its location and because it has study tables and free Wi-Fi. Each "break" is a good opportunity to go. ”
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Golf Course
“Hacia 1894 se fundó el Golf Club de Montevideo luego llamado Club de Golf del Uruguay. Ocupa todo el espacio entre el costado oeste del Bulevar Artigas, la Rambla, y el Parque Rodó.”
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“Main Bus Station - intercity and international buses (also bus/ferry connection to Buenos Aires)”
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“Building in Montevideo Palacio Salvo is a building in Montevideo, Uruguay, located at the intersection of 18 de Julio Avenue and Plaza Independencia. It was designed by the architect Mario Palanti, an Italian immigrant living in Buenos Aires, who used a similar design for his Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.”
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Natural Feature
“Es un paseo completo : playa, parque, dos museos, varios restaurantes, parque de diversiones, un teatro al aire libre y varios centros nocturnos. It is a complete walk: beach, park, two museums, several restaurants, amusement park, an open-air theater and several nightclubs.”
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“Candy Bar is a gem! Such a great vibe and truly delicious food, that's a bit different than what you usually find in Uruguay. Located a few blocks from our place its a little secret of the neighborhood. They often have great vegetarian options as well if that interests you!”
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Paisagem incrível
“Feel like a local with a walk by the riverfront (Rambla), chill for some mate during beautiful sunset,or go jogging. Towards Punta Carretas, there is "Paseo de los Pescadores" with cute restaurants. ”
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“I've always loved this restaurant. It is a bit pricy but so worth it. If you want to save money, order delivery from them”
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“Bar para comer, tomar copas y música.------ Bar for eating, drinking and music”
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“In front of this hotel, you'll find a quite huge beach. This is the second best Beach in Montevideo, where Rio de la Plata starts meeting the Atlantic Ocean.”
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“Baar Fun Fun is a family run business, and its the place to go for a night of Boleros and Tengo! This is a show, so you will be paying an entry fee but if your visiting make sure to go one night for a great experience. To get a good seat go early 8-9pm, or call beforehand and make a reservation. ”
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“Here you can eat the best Chivito ever. The meal, the eggs, the bacon and all thing makes this the best place to your first eat your first chivito. Try the Tinkal Chivito with eggs. ”
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“Very good meats and side dishes, exquisitely served. The friendliest service in town. ”
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“Traditional uruguayan bar. Ask for traditional drink of Uruguay: "grapamiel"(better if it is Grapamiel Pirata"”
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“Ideal para recorrer caminando, está la catedral, muchos restaurantes, galerías de arte y museos. Entre semana al mediodía se puede almorzar y recorrer, se genera un lindo ambiente. ”
13 moradores locais recomendam