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Parques e natureza em Naka Ward

Os melhores parques

“A large and beautiful Japanese garden! It attracts the people from all over the countries. You may enjoy Japanese culture and atmosphere!”
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“Peace memorial park is Hiroshima area. Please do visit there to study about peace! I hope that people all over the world visit there!”
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Jardim de esculturas
“像のモデルは佐々木禎子さんという。彼女の死を知った友人たちが、原爆の影響で亡くなった子供たちを追悼する意味で像を建てることを決めた。 The statue is modeled after Sadako Sasaki. When learning of her passing, Sasaki's friends decided to found the monument as a memorial for the children who died from the diseases caused by atomic bomb”
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