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Estúdio de ioga
“A 30-40min train ride to this community-based yoga center. Open to all levels, though a little experience will help as classes are conducted verbally - you’ll need to pay close attention or follow the other students around you. Power vinyasa classes are donation-based. Hot yoga classes are $17 for drop-ins. Walk around the area to spot quaint little shops/thrift shops and cafes.”
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“Huge sports complex with driving range, ice skating, swimming & bowling, plus drinking & eating.”
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“Go and get a day pass for $10. Use the pool, take a class, or workout in the fitness room.”
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Climbing Gym
“Climbing gym for all ages, including kids. Spend a few hours indoors to beat the heat (or cold) and test your bouldering skills or take a lesson. ”
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Estúdio de ioga
“Great yoga and dance studio across the street! They have a super cheap first time deal where you get 2 weeks unlimited for 20$. Tons of classes all day, including hot yoga, meditation..etc.”
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“The most famous bathhouse in nyc. Old school and you could spend a whole day here. Bring a swimsuit and enjoy seven different saunas and an ice cold swimming pool.”
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Estúdio de ioga
“Looking for a drop-in class while you're here? Great yoga, pilates, meditation options in a really calming quiet building.”
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“Located right around the corner, this gym offers a full-service spa, kids' club, eco-chic amenities, private pilates studio and more!”
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Boxing Gym
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Estúdio de ioga
“Yoga place with various options. (Single class for $20, a month unlimited pass for $40)”
  • 25 moradores locais recomendam
“Grab a towel and get your work out on with state-of-the-art equipment. Open daily until 11pm.”
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“A gym/fitness center within walking distance! Has weekly rates for short stays and all kinds of cool classes.”
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“I love planet fitness for it's accessibility and convenience. It's great for travelers, as there are so many, all over the place! It's affordable, and has all the basic gear I need for a great workout. This one is in walking distance. ”
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“Great yoga studio with a wide variety of classes running frequently 7 days a week.”
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Estúdio de ioga
“A great bikram (the super hot and humid kind) yoga studio. They offer individual classes and weekly rates for short stays in the area. ”
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