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Odda Municipality: transporte

Natural Feature
“Walking up to Trolltunga is not for everyone. The hike back and forthn is 10-12 hours long, but for those who do it, the view and the experience is exhilirating. ”
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Outros "Vida ao Ar Livre"
“A nice hike up to the glacier. Check in with the tourist-information first; in summer 2015 there is so much snow that the hike isn`t acessable yet (20.06.)”
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“Hydropower and Industry were crucial to the shaping of Norway in the 20th Century; at the Norwegian museum of Hydropower and Industry you will hear the fascinating story of how it all began.”
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Point of Interest
“Good food and nice place. You can find also a relatively cheap pizza buffet. ”
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“If you have time. Try this amazing tour to get an iconic photo of you on top of "the troll tounge". You must drive to Odda (2hours) and the walk is about 10-12 hours roundtrip. Remember good warm clothes, hiking shoes, water and food.”
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“Historical treasure and back in the days the second most popular pilgrim church in Norway after Nidarosdomen in Trondheim. You will have a nice view of the church from the barn. In summertime you can visit and get a guided tour inside it to see the mythed crusifix and the old paintings ets”
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“Røldal alpine ski center is situated over the tree line, so you wont have to pass through narrow forest trails, but you can ski where you please on the mountain. The base is at 80 meters over the sea with 7 lifts to bring you up to 1300 moh. One of Norway's most certain snow covered ski centers. ”
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Bus Station
“I Odda, på kaien. Her henger det bussruter for nær og fjern. Her er også Sørfjorden restaurant. ”
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“Beautiful waterfall on the way to the Hardangerfjord and Odda. (50 min away)”
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“No wonder Trolltunga is on your bucket list. Trolltunga is the definition of a true Rockstar. Experience some of the wildest nature scenery that Norway has to offer. Our guides will enhance your hiking experience with their local knowledge, high competence and lots of good motivation. Guided hikes are offered both summer and winter. ”
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“Famous land mark. The walk to and from Trolltunga is approximately 8-10 hours, so be prepared for quite a long day if you don't spend one night in the area. ”
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“This is the best restaurant in Odda. That's what trip advisor says. That is still not saying much. Generally speaking the western coast of Norway is not known for its culinary delights. Good, sturdy, salty meals that won't disturb your taste buds, washed down with a cup of coffee or a glass of clean clear water. This place luckily is run by a non-Norwegian and has a promising menu. Prices are steep 18 dollars for a veggie burger with fries but not unusually so for the middle of nowhere. Save your money for gastronomic experiences elsewhere and make your own dinner back at the cabin. ”
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“Gatekjøkken med alkoholservering for de som ønsker seg det. Serverer alt fra hamburger, til pizza og kebab.”
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