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Principais recomendações de museus dos moradores locais

“If you have kids, don't miss the children's museum. Your kiddos will love it!”
  • 28 moradores locais recomendam
Science Museum
“ WET is an interactive, hands-on place that provides information about water, a precious resource, through fun and games. The center features interactive exhibits, weekend activities for the families, tours of water facilities, and environmental presentations on water issues. Science made fun.”
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Local Histórico
“This house is located in the historic Bigelow neighborhood and the Bigelows were one of the first families to settle in Olympia.”
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“Open Sundays, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., April through October only. Third Sunday of each open month features a "Living History event" (period-appropriate 1860 re-enactment).”
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Espaço para eventos
“Lots of local history here.. the lower park area has views of the Old Olympia Brewery Brewhouse and the Deschutes River out to Capitol Lake.. ”
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