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Orlando: transporte

Restaurante Mexicano
“INCREDIBLE food and an even better drinking spot, once the sun goes down. Be careful driving...local laws are strict and the police are no joke! Might want to Uber or Lyft if you’ll be sipping.”
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“This hub of day and nighttime entertainment is one of the top places to have fun in Downtown Orlando. Home to shops, restaurants, and plenty of bars (that turn into full-on clubs after dark), you could easily start and finish your night without ever leaving Wall Street Plaza. The outdoor square gets packed-out for special events such as New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and a few local events such as RumFest, Florida Music Fest and City Skip Day. The road is also closed off to traffic every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm for their weekly ‘Block Parties’, with live DJs (and no cover charge).”
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“Great venue with live performances, and two floors with different dancing space for various genres. It's a great place to fine dining, live entertainment and dancing all night. ”
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“Note: We are about as close as you get to Universal as Orange County does not allow vacation rental homes- only hotels, but you are only 20-25 minutes away.”
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Theme Park
“All-inclusive park with dolphin encounters, snorkeling with rays, bird feeding & a lazy river.”
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Bus Station
“Great Mall for everyone Milinia Mall is the other recommendations for moe upscaled aka expensive shopping...lol ”
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Restaurante Italiano
“A local favorite, only a ten minute walk from Knowles House. You will likely need a reservation if you don't want to wait an hour to be seated.”
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City Hall
“Downtown Orlando has many different Bars and Nightclubs with great drinks and Happy Hours for those who are looking for more than just amusement parks in Orlando.”
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“East End Market is a 2-storey market-cum-arcade that aims to showcase the best of what Central Florida has to offer in terms of cooked food, art, and fresh produce. The market also features some world-class restaurants, a large event space, a live-cooking area and office space. Check their website for upcoming special events. ”
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Outlet Mall
“Lugar preferido dos apaixonados por compras, com todas as marcas mais famosas do mundo, você encontra em um lugar só”
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Entretenimento geral
“Easy parking (you have to pay, though) and right in the heard of I-Drive. Keeps the kiddos busy and is interesting for adults too. Great option for a rainy day...and there is a pretty decent magician show at night that has a pizza buffet and was pretty entertaining and kid-friendly.”
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Theme Park
“Lots of great slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool beach, but for a one day stay, buy the Quick Queue pass to skip the lines. But don't buy premium parking - totally not worth it.”
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“This is a good place to come and take a stroll. Ripley's is a good spot to take pictures and down the road are other places to see. ”
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“Shows da Broadway e espetáculos teatrais acontecem nesse novissimo centro de artes. Vale conferir o que acontece por lá !”
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“Here in the heart of the sunshine state you’ll find some of Orlando’s top roller coasters, each inspired by the sea – from its force and power to its playful side to its most timeless legends. Sea World is a United States chain of marine mammal parks, oceanariums, animal theme parks, and rehabilitation centers owned by SeaWorld Entertainment .”
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Restaurante de Tapas
“A great tapas restaurant. Also they have a great Brunch Sat & Sun. You should make reservations prior, but well worth it! ”
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