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Best things to do in Kill Devil Hills

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Loja de departamento
“Great higher end clothing store with anything you forgot or decide you need!”
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Candy Store
“I love this little shop, they have records, vintage and new clothes. They also have killer milkshakes and sweets. ”
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Loja de roupas
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Loja de cervejas
“Grab beer, wine, and snacks--- it's an OBX tradition! Best of all, totally walkable. Since there is a drive-thru, feel free to take the lazy way and have them load up the car for you. Commemorate with their t-shirts or bumper sticker.”
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Loja de Conveniências
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Loja de Bebidas
“Great, quick drive through service for t-shirts and beverages of all kinds. Don't forget to tip your car-tender! ”
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1recomendações locais