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Best things to do in Paris

“Every self-respecting Parisian shops at this temple for new brands and vintage! There are so many rooms, each with interesting decor like wooden logs stacked next to sweaters and telephone receivers hanging from the ceiling. It’s all well organized, too: Scarves are tied to poles, plaid shirts are rolled in baskets, and denim is folded on shelves. Go straight to the back for high-waisted leather pants, Levi’s jackets, or 501 shorts for the summer. Anything used is marked with a black tag.”
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Loja de roupas
“In this street you'll find very nice shops, kind of expensive but very beautiful things.”
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“For those looking to come home with a very special souvenir, the Louis Vuitton flagship store is moments from your front door”
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Kids Store
“a children's concept store. very nice French brands, books, toys, clothes and much more.”
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Loja de departamento
“a not-to-be-missed big, crazy bazaar type of store that mimics a Wal-Mart. It's a cornucopia of cool things at cheap prices.”
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Loja de roupas
“Destock/ Surplus / of the french brand APC. Enjoy the walk near Montmartre and the 70% permanent discount”
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Tailor Shop
“This luxury fashion house’s range of iconic scarves and carrés (square silk scarves) are made from the finest materials. The wool and cashmere come from the best farmers and weavers around. And the finishings are immaculate, right down to the braided fringe, which never unravels, even with long wear. The very deep, almost Bordeaux red scarf is my favorite. On one side, there’s a bit of pink, and on the other, violet. And then, right at the edge, you see the Hermès red.”
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“This pharmacy is open 24/7. You can go there by walking (around 10 minutes) or by metro (only 2 stops with ligne 5 or 8, jump out at République station)”
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Men's Store
“Famous shopping mall in Paris, if you don't come for the many luxury brands, come for the beautiful building.”
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Loja de roupas
“Supermarché Monoprix ouvert de 9h à 22h. Great supermarket open from 9 am to 10 pm.”
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Women's Store
“Same house but this was here first shop and it's as nice as a museum... ;-)”
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“Great Place for history of wines since Napoleon times Bercy was the great Depot for Wines to be distributed in Paris ”
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Tailor Shop
“This Hermès is built in what was the former pool space for Hotel Lutetia, you can still see the tiles from the pool inside. ”
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Loja de roupas
“One of the many boutiques on Rue de Charonne. Isabel Marant -ultimate Parisienne style.”
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Loja de roupas
“Great organic food & beverages. IF YOU ARE VEGETARIAN/VEGAN, this place is for you.”
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“Free entry and free guided tour. Set in the heart of Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Opéra Garnier, the Musée du Parfum is a one-of-a-kind, fun and instructive museum concept, bringing to life the making of a mythical luxury object, now part of our everyday life: perfume. Visitors are invited to follow the manufacturing process from raw materials to harvesting, extraction, distillation, formulation, industrialization and bottling, together, of course, with the creative process and work of the master “noses”. The second section of the museum features an exceptional collection of ancient bottles retracing the history of fragrance from Ancient Egypt to the 20th century.”
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