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Paris: os melhores parques

“Fantastic gardens of the french senate. Enjoy a book or a rest in this green bubble”
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“An unexpected treasure in the city! Gorgeous views in a tranquil setting. Perfect for lounging in the grass with a good book. It's not a flat park so be prepared to walk up and down hills. There are cute surprises like a waterfall too.”
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“Tuileries Garden is located between the CONCORDE square and the LOUVRE Museum. It is very nice to have a walk there while visiting Paris. You can have a chair and enjoy sun during spring or summer time”
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“If it is sunny, go picnic there and get away from the busy roads. You'll cross ducks by the river canal, families, lovers, bikes, boats...etc Some years, on summer, there is even a free outdoor cinema.”
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“Big and majestic park. A good place to run and bycicle. There are lots of acitivities for children.”
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“Take your picnic to this beautiful park, hang out in the grass or on benches, and visit the home of Victor Hugo afterwards!”
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“Largest park in Paris, great for walks in fine weather, maybe not after dark (easy to get lost), there are lakes in different parts of the park. It’s huge.”
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“Take rue de Bellevilleto clime up to this viewpoint over Paris. Busy streetlife, people from all over the world, trendy bars, chinese shops, no tourist around…”
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“A beautiful and safe park to stroll in (lots of runners, too). You can rent rowboats to float around the ponds, or take a tiny ferry across the a little island with a nice restaurant.”
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“Get one of the best views of the Eiffel tower from this field, about a 10-15mn walk away!”
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“Pretty, hilly park overlooking a lake (15 minute walk away). There are plenty of play areas for kids. Note Parkruns (free, time runs) take take place here every Saturday morning at 9am. ”
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“Wonderful parc only 15 minutes walking distance. It a great place to relax, go jogging or just enjoy a nice walk. A lot of people picnic during sunny days, it is an oasis in the middle of the neighborhood. ”
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Local Histórico
“A big terrace where everyone gathers for drinks. There are some food trucks as well. ”
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Middle School
“A wonderful park by the river where you can go for a walk or a sunbathing picnic. Popular with the local community and somewhat of a hidden jewel from the more touristy parks in the City of Lights. A pleasant 10 min walk down rue Saint Charles.”
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Botanical Garden
“France's most significant botanical garden and together with the Jardin du Luxembourg, sure one of the most unique and beautiful nature parks in Paris. It includes 4 museums plus a thriving botanical school. Originally conceived as the Royal garden for medicinal herbs, flowers and trees, you can discover thousands of different plant species. Or just come to wanter around, people-watch, or read... 57 rue Cuvier 75005 Paris 15-minute walk from here. Opens every day at 7h! ”
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“Stunning 19th Century typical Parisian park with lots of ducks, swans, and birds, swings....”
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