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Paros: os melhores parques

Nature Preserve
“he Paros Park deserves a ‘top 10’ article by itself, as there are innumerable reasons why you should visit. The natural, unspoiled rock formations that are a great sample of Cycladic beauty are one. The walking paths that introduce you to the beautiful nature on the island all year round are another. If you visit during the summer you should definitely have a swim at the gorgeous beach of Monastiri (AiYannis), or watch a film for free under the stars at the open movie theater Cine Enastron. During the yearly festival of the Park (June-October) a number of jazz, classical music and traditional Greek concerts and fascinating cultural events also take place. The Cycladic monastery of Ai Yiannis Detis and the Museum of the Park with the permanent historic exhibition ‘The Island of Paros through the Russian cartography 1770-1774’ are also well worth a visit.”
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Nature Preserve
“Located 5km south of Parikia, near the Monastery of Jesus of Woods, this valley is referred to as Petaloudes, which means Butterfly in Greek. Every year during the summer months, the valley is verdant and the Jersey Tiger Moths seem to wrap the entire valley which creates a truly breathtaking natural phenomenon.”
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“Known as mud beach as there earth there has mineral properties. Cover yourself with mud, let it dry then wash off in the sea.”
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“A perfect beach with free loungers and snacks, meals, and beverages, close by is Peter's cafe and is just as nice.”
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Nature Preserve
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